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With the crowd waiting in eager anticipation, Five Iron Frenzy takes the stage.  There is one noticeable absence in that the lead singer is missing.  As the band starts the first song, Reese, dressed as a giant chicken with a super man cape, runs onto the stage and begins the show.  This is just one the antics performed by the band during the show.  No matter how many antics are thrown into the show, one thing can't be missed, the fact that they love God and music.  The members of FIF have devoted their lives to Christ, and they serve HIM without reserve.  God has truly blessed their music ministry as Leanor Ortega (aka Jeff) said, "Our future is totally in God's hands and wherever He directs our path, that's where we will be." With that kind of attitude, FIF will be around for a long time.

FIF is a premiere 8 member SKA band with noticable punk influences.
As lead singer Reese Roper pointed out, the band started as punk and
some ska, but they liked ska better so they switched.
The band members are:
                                                      Reese Roper--  Lead vocals
      Micah Ortega-- Guitar
      Scott Kerr--     Guitar
      Keith Hoerig--  Bass guitar
      Chaka--           Drums
      Jeff Ortega--    Saxophone
      Dennis Culp--  Trombone
      Brad Dunham--Trumpet

With an excellent sophomore release, "Our Newest Album Ever", things are looking good for the Denver natives.  The album is a combo of zany lyrics, great horn lines and SKA.  With most new bands today sacrificing the quality of their music to get their second albums out, FIF is the exception.  Their new album is as good, if not better, than the original "Upbeats and Beatdowns".
If you would like to view the lyrics from these two albums, just click on the cover.

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