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Book Express are deep, DEEP discount booksellers with discounts from 30-90% off the list prices! Because of the nature of their business, some titles are limited in number. Listed below are the links to their currently available Sherlock Holmes items as of December 12, 1997. I will be checking these links regularly to make sure they are still valid but, the stock can be sold out at any time. And the reverse is also true, new items can be added to their stock minutes after my last search. Your best bet for items at Book Express is to jump to their site and do a search for items with 'Sherlock' in the title. If you use the other links listed below, please email me if you find a link that is out of stock so I can remove it from the listing.

The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Tape These audio cassettes from Simon & Shuster have aprox. 30 minutes per side (60mins/tape) and feature the Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce radio plays from the 1940's. I can very heartily recommend these cassettes. They are the full broadcasts, commercials and all, and are introduced with remmenicenses of some of the people involved in the original productions. You can gain some insights or share a laugh with little known tidbits on Rathbone and Bruce. Rathbone tired of playing Holmes both on screen and radio and so some of the later tapes have Holmes played by Tom Conway. Once Basil left the magic was gone and the series did not last very long afterwards despite Bruce continuing on as Watson. With winter just around the corner, these tapes are perfect for that overcast, snowy day when you can sit by a wind swept window, listen and almost believe it is 1895. (fireplace optional!)

Other Holmes Cassettes

Holmes Books

Sherlock Holmes - Vine#1

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