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Causes of Child Labour

OVER POPULATION: Most of the Asian and African countries are
overpopulated. Due to limited resourses and more mouths to 
feed, Children are employed in various forms of work. 

ILLITERACY:Illiterate parents do not realize the need for a
proper physical,emotional and cognitive development of a 
child. As they are uneducated, they do not realize the 
importance of education for their children.

POVERTY: Many a time poverty forces parents to send their 
children to hazardous jobs. Although they know it is 
wrong,they have no other alternative as they need the money.

URBANIZATION: The Industrial Revolution has its own negative
side. Many a time MNC's and export industries in the 
developing world employ whild workers, particularly in the 
garment industry.

UNEMPLOYMENT OF ELDERS: Elders often find it difficult to 
get jobs. The industrialists and factory owners find it
profitable to employ children. This is so because they can 
pay less and extract more work. They will also not create 
union problem.

ORPHANS: Children born out of wedlock, children with no 
parents and relatives, often do not find anyone to support 
them. Thus they are forced to work for their own living.

WILLINGNESS TO EXPLOIT CHILDREN: This is at the root of the 
problem Even if a family is very poor, the incidence of 
child labour will be very low unless there are people 
willing to exploit these children.

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