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Command materia is yellow in color and has a variety of attack styles. Command materia doesn't have spells but instead adds a new attacks to the battle options screen. Command materia has no influence on the status and uses no Mp.
Command Materia List
AP Levels:

This type of attack will either cause heavy damage or misses completely. The amount of damage will be double or triple like normal, but the chances of missing are also increased. This materia can be found in Gongaga.
Double Cut
AP Levels:
Upgrade: 2x Cut - 4x Cut
Instead of hitting an enemy once, you'll hit it twice. And when leveled up, you'll hit it four times. Also 4x cut will allow to attack multiple targets at random. This materia can be found in the sunken cargo plane.
Enemy Skill
AP Levels: N.A.

This materia does nothing on its own. But when you encounter an enemy with a special skill you can learn, you will learn it. You can only learn the skill if its being used against the character who has the materia installed. There are 24 skills to learn. All skills require Mp. Click here for a complete list. This materia can be found in the Shinra Building.
AP Levels: 

If you use this command on an enemy there is a chance you might get control over its actions. You can get it to attack other enemies or even itself! This materia is sometimes essential to get certain enemy skills. Cait Sith has this materia originally equipped.
AP Levels:

One of the most useful of Command materia is Mime. When installed it will allow the user to copy the attack that was used before his/her attack. Mime uses no Mp and the user doesn't need the same materia to cast the spells. For example: Cloud casts the Bahamut ZERO summon spell. Now Barret is next. When the window appears you can choose the Mime command. If you do, then Barret will also cast Bahamut ZERO, without having the Bahamut materia and without using Mp. The Mime materia is essential if you want to beat Ruby and/or Emerald WEAPON. This materia can be found in a cave on Wutai. Reachable with a Green Chocobo.
AP Levels:

This type of attack doesn't do much damage. But when you kill an enemy with it, that enemy might morph into an item. This materia is essential to get the Guidebook. Its also a materia that can get you 99 Ribbons. (Ribbons are the most useful accessories in the game) Can be found in the Temple of the Ancients, near the spirit pool.
AP Levels:

When using the Sense command, you can see the status of an enemy. You see its hitpoints, magic points and its weaknesses. This does not work on the WEAPONS and Seraph Sephiroth. Can be found on the playground after Sector 7's destruction.
Slash All
AP Levels:
Upgrade: Slash All - Flash

Instead of hitting one enemy you'll hit all enemies when you use this materia. And when the materia reaches next level you can kill the enemies in one single attack or miss completely. Can be found in the Ancient Forest. In the first snapping plants' mouth.
AP Levels:
Upgrade: Steal - Mug

The steal command allows you to steal items from an enemy. Mug does the same but also deals damage. When you use the command and the message appears "Couldn't steal anything" it means you failed at stealing. So you could try again later. If the message appears "Nothing to steal", then the enemy hasn't got anything to steal. This materia can be found in the Midgar Sewers, after you fell into Corneo's trap.
AP Levels:
Upgrade: Throw - Coin

This command allows you to throw an item to the enemy. Usually it deals lots of damage. However, you won't get the item back so don't use any weapons to throw. Coin is really weird. It allows you to throw money (Gil) at your enemy. The more you throw away, the more damage it will do. Yuffie has this materia initially equipped.

AP Levels:

When using this materia, it allows you to use two items per round instead of one. Can be found in the Midgar Subway on disc 2. Run down instead of up. (If you missed it, its possible to dig it up in Bone Village (Unconfirmed).
AP Levels:

When using this materia, it allows you to cast two spells per round instead of one. Can be found in the Northern Cave. Before meeting Jenova look under the green bushes.
AP Levels:

When using this materia, it allows you to cast two summon spells per round instead of one. Can be obtained at the Battle Arena. Earn 64.000 points and exchange it for the W-Summon materia.
Master Command
AP Levels: N.A.

When using this materia, you can use any command that is listed above. You can get this materia by either giving the Earth Harp to the old man in Kalm. (Defeat Emerald WEAPON to get the Harp) Or, master all materias listed above and exchange it at the Obervatory in Cosmo Canyon. Simply examine the huge yellow materia.
Materia Tips

Combining Materia

You can use materia in linked slots so they can work together. Not all materias can work together though. Just try materias out and you'll find some nice combinations.

Overuse of materia

Materia is handy but do not use too much! It will increase your Mp points but sadly, decreases your hitpoints. Look out that your Hp doesn't get lowered too much. Installing several Hp Plus materias work too.

Huge Materias

You can get four huge materias in the game. The hardest to get is the one in the rocket. To get this open the container with this code: Circle - Square - Cross - Cross (PSX version) or Enter - Del - Ins - Ins (Numeric pad, PC version) 

Keeping materia
You can carry a maximum of 200 materias. When you have to sell-off materia, sell the most basic materias. These materias are easy to buy back later. A mastered materia can be sold for 1.400.000 Gil!

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