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Final Fantasy VII is a huge game. You'll visit many locations and you'll probably get stuck from time to time. This solutions section was made to help you get back on track. You can either view the entire walkthrough or view the subquests which are located here.
Final Fantasy VII Complete Walkthrough

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Final Fantasy VII Subquests

Ancient Forest
The ancient forest is small forest near Cosmo Canyon. You can only get there if you have a Green Chocobo or when you've defeated Ultimate WEAPON. The forest is a puzzle of little obstacles which can be solved by using flies and frogs. Here's a visual guide to the forest.
Click on the picture to enlarge
First pick up a fly (or frog) and release it near the plant sacks (Not in the sacks yet). Repeat this until there are 3 flies or frogs near the plants. Put one in the first plant and pick up another. Jump on the now closed plant and repeat until you closed all three and can pass to the next part. (1) Just ignore the snap plant (2).

Click on the picture to enlarge
Pick up a fly and jump up using the tongue plant (1). Now jump on the closed plant to jump across. You'll automatically jump on the next tongue plant over the snapping plant. Now pick up a frog and stand on the little green plateau (3). If you want the slash all materia, put the frog in the left plant. Otherwise put it in the right plant. Stand on the now closed plant and press to the left (If you use the left plant) or to the right while standing on the closed plant. Once the plant tries to swallow the frog you'll perform a mega jump reaching a new area. If you jumped left, you can pick up the bee hive and jump down (2). Release the hive on the snapping plant to close it, allowing you to get the materia. If you jumped to the right, simply walk to the next part.

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First pick up two flies and close both the plants (1). Stand on them and jump until you reach the tongue plant. Now you'll reach the treetops. If you go to the right, you'll be able to pick up the Typoon (Typhon) summon materia. You'll also be able to go down on the right. Do so and you walk down the rope reaching the tree stump. Now pick up a fly and put it into plant on the right (4). Jump on the plants to reach the orange platform with a beehive. Pick it up and jump down. Close the snapping plant with the beehive and pick up another fly. Use the fly on the plant (3) to close it. Jump to the other side and walk towards the hole in the tree (2). Pick up a fly and release it in the hollow tree. Wait and it will be replaced by a frog. Pick up the frog and put in the plant on the right (3). If you were fast enough the fly would still be in it. Jump across and wait until the frog gets spit out of the plant. Pick it up and use the frog on the plant (4) on the right. Jump on the now closed plant and hold "right". When the frog gets swallowed, you'll perform a megajump and reach the cave on the other side. Inside is the Apocalypse Sword.
Crashed Cargo Plane "Gelnika"
To fight Sephiroth and Meteor, the Shinra company made lots of powerful weaponry and items. But the plane that caried this equipment crashed into the sea near Costa Del Sol. When you have the submarine, you can visit the sunken plane. When you do this after the Midgar parachute mission, you'll won't meet Rude and Reno. Either way, you can find lots of good items here. Be sure not to leave without: Hades materia, Highwind -limit 4 for Cid, Heaven's Cloud (A sword), Conformer and Double Cut materia.
Turtle Paradise Flyers
The Turtle Paradise flyers are posters on 6 walls spread all over the world. If you read them all, and go back to Turtle Paradise (in Wutai) you'll receive one of each source (Luck source etc.) and a Megalixer. here are the six locations you should look for:
1- Check the wall in the little boy's bedroom in sector 5 slums of Midgar.
2- Near the lobby on the first floor of the Shinra building is another Paradise flyer.
3- Look for a flyer next to Tiger Lily's Armsshop in Cosmo Canyon.
4- There's also a flyer on the wall at the Cosmo Canyon Inn.
5- Next to the itemsshop in the Ghost Motel (Goldsaucer) is a flyer too.
6- Yuffie's basement is the place to look for the sixth flyer. Next to her training room on the wall.
Yuffie's Subquest
If you have found Yuffie in the forests and talked her into joining you, a small subquest will start when you reach Wutai. She'll steal all your materia and disappear. To get your materia back you'll have to go and find her in Wutai. 
Once in Wutai, go around the place and visit a few shops. When you find the materia shop, open the box on the right. Yuffie will appear and steal your materia again. Now go to the house on the right. Push the clothingscreen and Yuffie will run away. Now go to the restaurant and kick against the pot outside. Yuffie will try to jump out and run, be your friends will catch her. She'll lead you to her basement where you can pull a lever to get the materia back. But instead you activate a trap imprisoning your friends. You cannot avoid this so pull either lever again to rasie the trap and go after Yuffie. Go to the gong near the pagado and use it. A door will appear. Go inside and you'll meet Don Corneo again. He has taken Elena and Yuffie hostage and disappears. Now go to the Da-Chao mountains and beat Rapps (Don Corneo's new pet). After you've defeated Rapps you'll get your materia back.
The Key to Midgar (and Lunar harp)
To get back into Midgar later in the game, you'll need a key. Here's how to get it. First go to Midgar city. You will see a guy sitting near the gate. He says that he lost his key to the city. (If the guy is not sitting here, come back later) He also says that he lost it during the excavation. Go to Bone Village and talk to the man at the tent. Choose for "Start Digging" and "Dig for normal treasures". Now position the 5 diggers on the raised plateau. The key is just right of the black spot near the open tent. Stand just a bit right of the black spot and let them dig there. When everything went correctly the key will be in the box. If you want the Lunar Harp, simply dig where Cloud stands. (On the picture)
Digging site
Small Facts

Junon Watchdog

The dog that blocks the entrance in the underwater reactor will only move aside when you failed your first submarine quest.

Aeris' Demise

Aeris dies at the end of disc 1. You cannot get her back again so if you want to throw away good exp. use her in your parties.

The Exchanger

In about 1 in 12 times, an exchangeman will be hiding on the Gold Saucer station. He'll exchange 1 Goldpiece for 100 Gil. You can only get 100 Gp at each time from him.

Buy a house

You can buy a house in Costa Del Sol for 300.000 Gil. You can sleep there for free. Handy if you got too much money in your pocket. 

Leviathan Scales
When you're in Junon's Submarinebase don't forget to open the box with the Leviathan Scales. You can use these later in Wutai to get a materia.

Gold Saucer Date
When you have to stay at the Ghost Inn at the Gold Saucer, Aeris will stop by your room. She'll ask you out on a date. But its possible to date someone else. If you were very rude towards Aeris during the game, then Tifa will ask you out. Its also possible to get Yuffie. This is very hard though. To get her, you have ignore Tifa and Aeris as much as possible, be very impolite towards them and pick up Yuffie as soon as you're clear of the Mythril mines. Use Yuffie at all times in your party and finish her subquest as soon as possible too. Then you have a 1 in 10 chance she'll date you. And when you're rude to Yuffie as well, then Barret will "date" you...

All 7 Fever
When a character has 7777 Hitpoints, you will lose control over it and that character will continuously attack the enemies doing exactly 7777 damage. But as soon as that characters hitpoints changes it will stop being berserk.

Gameshark Codes

Inifinite Gil - 8009d260ffff
Level Gain - 8009d7d8ffff

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