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Simone's Internet Presence

Welcome to my web page...

Flower Welcome to my Internet Presence! I am the lovely Simone. Before you begin to bow down and worship me the way you should, I'll tell you a little about myself. If you'd like to see some photos of me first, check out my online photo album. Then you can always send me e-mail telling me how wonderfully beautiful I am. And...don't forget to bookmark!

I last updated this site on June 23... my 'wonderful' human Allison hogged the computer so I was unable to update any sooner. What's worse, my guestbook got deleted! Since it's all Allison's fault, I'm going to make her restore it for me. I'm hoping to get some more pictures soon, since Allison seems to have a itchy camera finger right now. Well, I'll be back soon, I hope, or I will shred Allison to pieces with my mighty claws.

In case you didn't know, I'm a cat. Actually, that's what my people say...I don't believe them. I'm a purr-son! Anyway, I was born on April 14, 1995. I used to live elsewhere, but my previous person gave me to my current people. I was given away in May of 1995...I was young! Here's what my person Allison has to say:

"Well, when we got her, I was worried sick! She was too young to be away from her real mother. I'm guessing she never even knew her mother. She was terribly undernourished...the woman I got her from definitely didn't have the time to take proper care of a tiny kitten. The woman had actually just gotten out of the hospital when we got her. Boy, Simone was SMALL! She would fit in my mother's palm. I'm glad to see she grew up into a strong animal. She's still a smallish cat, but she's larger than I thought she would end up being."

And there you have it. Originally, my previous person said I was male. How could she mistake ME for a guy? Well, anyway, Allison had never been in the ownership of a cat before and as such didn't know otherwise, and her mother had never been in the ownership of a female cat. Since they thought I was male, Allison named me Simon (after Simon Belmont in the Castlevania video games). After reading some cat books, they discovered -- tada! -- I'm female. So they comprimised, naming me Simone. (Actually, you can thank Allison's mother for the comprimise name Simone.)

Overall I live with three people, Allison, her mother, and her grandmother. While I claim ownership of Allison and her mother, I'm not sure I want ownership of the grandmother since she seems to have, problems.

Anyway, you know what I hate? For one thing, vet visits! Those blasted people of mine had me -- shudder -- neutered! Those vet people overdrugged me and made me appear drunk...and I felt like it too! Once again, here's Allison's take on the events:

"I'd decided to get Simone neutered. Not only did I find out it had health benefits, but I couldn't stand the "oh no"-like yowls she made during heat all day and all night. We took her to a vet down the was approved by someone (I don't remember what organization), so I figured she'd be OK there. She had to get some shots before getting fixed -- and she was NOT happy about THAT! -- so that was done. Before taking her to get neutered, we bought her a cat carrier. Well, she liked it fine until we forced her inside and took her to the vet. Poor thing...I've never seen a animal that frightened! :( Anyway, to make a ridiculously long story short, she got fixed. She was supposed to stay there overnight, but get this. They apparently weighed her incorrectly and overdrugged her or something. It broke my heart when we saw her drunk and EXTREMELY angry at me...those piercing eyes asking me "Why?" Because of their botch, she stayed another day to make sure she was alright. I really don't trust that vet, and as such I haven't brought her back there. Well, would you after what they did?!"

Good thing -- for me anyway -- she decided never to take me there again! Unfortunately, there are other problems here too that annoy me...fleas for instance. We seem to be getting rid of them, but for a while they were here en masse. How horrible!!

Of course I'm a cat of many talents. One of them is my use of the English language. I can speak to my people to tell them what I want, whether it be "food" or "out" or whatever. Another talent is very useful. A lot of "experts" say that we cats can only see in black and white. Completely untrue! It's through colors I choose my food. Perhaps a description from my person again would prove handy...

"Simone picks whatever food she wants. I firmly believe she can either see colors or read the label (or both). I'm guessing it's the colors because each can of cat food has a different colored label, and she seems to know what comes out of each color. So we show her some cans, and she'll rub her head up against the one she wants. Of course, sometimes she'll be annoying and not pick anything, but she usually picks something."

And there you have it! Of course, I also have many other talents (like sliding my paws underneath doors in just the right way to open them) but I'll leave those for another day.

Well, you know a bit about me now, so how about some worshipping? No? You want to see more of the site? Fine, but I expect to be worshipped soon...

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