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Original Ink & Poster Paint Animation

MILT GROSS was a well known Illustrator, Cartoonist and Author during the period from 1915 through 1950. His work was uniquely original. Milt worked for the New York Evening Journal and the NY Evening Times as a political cartoonist while at the same time he created and sold his multi panel humor cartoons to various magazine and publications nationwide during the 1920's and 1930's.

In later years, he wrote, illustrated and published several "Comic" style books of humor which of course he illustrated profusely. These books are now highly prized collector's items.

The drawing on this site is from an animated cartoon made for Televsion in which Milt draws the cartoons live on camera, and narrates the storyline as he draws.

THE VIDEO "PETE THE POOCH" and many of the actual drawings that were made on camera are available for purchase from Collectors Gallery. "To purchase a drawing similar to the above examples click on "E-Mail."

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