On Saturday, June 14, 1997, my parents and I set out on a road trip.
Our final destination?
When I first found out about this trip I was pretty excited. California has always been my dream. It's where I've always longed to be. But, as the days to the date of departure grew nearer, my excitement diminished. I was dreading this trip. Days and days squished up in a car with both my parents, and no communication whatsoever with the people whom I care about. But, being that I had no control over it, I left that morning at 9 a.m.

I drove the first 100 miles and then my father took over being that I'm only a teenage girl, so I can't possibally be able to handle anything more. We went through Tennissee and saw a car crash into a mountain head first right in front of us. From there we drove through Kentucky. We got to Indiana and spent the night in Days Inn.

The next morning we went off through the rest of Indiana and through Illinois. We went through Missouri. We say that big ass arch thing in St. Louis. We got through a little bit of Kansas and then stayed the night in a Motel 6.

The next morning we finished going through Kansas, and then we got to Colorado. The Rockey Mountains in Colorado. There we decided we were going to ride the Cog Rail Road up to the very top of Pike's Peak, the 2nd tallest mountain in the USA. Well, my parents are the ones who decided that, I just had to go along. Well, as we neared the top of the mountain I was litterally curled up in a little ball wimpering. The lack of oxygen in the air had me feeling like shit. Let me tell you this: If you're used to living in the flat lands, NEVER go up in a mountain that damn high. When we got to the top of the mountain, we had to get out of the train and spend about 45 minutes up there. Oh believe me, THAT really helped. I was so close to passing out it wasn't even funny. There was snow on the ground and I couldn't even enjoy that. I felt like I had just done some kind of drug and was having a REALLY bad trip. I wasn't the only one who felt that way either. My mom was so effected by the low oxygen level that she threw up all over the lady sitting in front of us. When we finally got off this cog train from hell, we drove for a while and stopped at the first place we came to. A Motel 8 in the middle of no where. This place scared the living hell out of me. It resembled one of those big houses you see in movies where people get murderd. That day, was the day that this trip began to suck majorly.

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