Well, I'm sure no one even gives a fuck, nor will they probably even bother to read this, but, I'm bored and have nothing better to do with my time. And hell, it took me like, 2 hours or so just to write down the damn list. So anyway, This is a list of all the tapes that I own right now. Even the really really old ones that i'm imbarrassed that I even own. But, oh well. We all go through phases right? Phases come and go with everyone. And btw, yes, i said tapes. Why fuck around with cds? Personally, I LIKE my tapes. Maybe I'm still stuck in the 80's in some areas, but I mean, why go and get something that's gunna end up broken or scratched up or something? There's no need for that =̃ . hehe but anyway All I can say, is at least I didn't go through a country music phase =̃ hehe Although I've probably gone through just about every other one there is out there.

1.) 1994 VMEA Music Camp Concert
in the summer of 1994 I went to VMEA music camp with my best friend kelly. It was a week at Longwood College where we did some activities and major singing practises. This is just the recording of our concert.

2.) 1995 District III All District Chorus
This is just the recording of my All District Chorus concert in 8th grade. I was suprised I even made it cause I wasn't exactly comfortable with my voice back then because I had just really started singing.

3.) 1996 District III All District Chorus
This is another All District chorus. This one is cool, cause when I auditioned for it, I ended up in 5th place, which is really good for out of 200 something people other sopranohs who tried out. I was like, majorly shocked when I found that out.

4.) Paula Abdul : Spellbound
please keep in mind these are listed alphabetically...not because of what I like the best!

5.) Ace of Base : The Sign
I used to LOVE Ace of Base back when I was in 7th grade or so..hmmm...that one's definatly part of the past:)

6.) Aerosmith : Big Ones
I still really like Aerosmith. They were the first band that I really got into when I was still a 'home girl'

7.) Alice in Chains : Jar of Flies
this is a pretty ok album, I never really listend to it that much.

8.) Alice in Chains : Alice in Chains
this actually is pretty cool. Too bad all the preps kinda discovoured they existed after they came out with a self titled album.

9.) Tori Amos : Little Earthquakes
I love this album. I'm starting to get into Tori Amos now hehe. People are starting to notice this :) But, I mean, hey, We need some female singers out there that aren't all preppified and shit!

10.) Tori Amos : Crucify
This is sorta like a single, but it has 5 songs on it. 2 of which are on little earthquakes and 3 which aren't. it's great:) she even does a remake of Nirvana's 'Smells LikeTeen Spirit" and it kicks ass:) Very different from Nirvana's.

11.) Tori Amos: Under the Pink
I love this album too. Who would have though? :)

12.) Tori Amos: Boys For Pele
And yet again, guess what? I love this album! duh! haha I love Tori Amos, I'm like obsessed with her or something:)

13.) Tori Amos: From the Choirgirl Hotel
Ya know what? All I'm gunna say is Tori Amos is my Godess :)

14.) Fiona Apple : Tidal
This is pretty cool. I had to listen to it a couple times to get into it though.

15.) The Beatles : Help! w00h00 I love the Beatles!

16.) The Beatles : Magical Mystery Tour
this is the very first Beatles album I got and I loved it right away.

17.) The Beatles : Abbey Road
I started getting into The Beatles when my chorus started working on this program that took place back in the 60s and stuff and we all got to dress up like hippies. I had a friend who was really into The Beatles and she kinda introduced me.

18.) The Beatles : Hey Jude
Hey Jude used to be my favourit song of all time, but, that's cause it reminded me of my ex b/f =P.

19.) The Beatles : Let it Be
okay, this is the last Beatles album I've gotten so far.

20.) Better Than Ezra : Deluxe
I never really liked this one. I think I listend to it like, 3 times

21.) Blur : Park Life
look! it's Blur! BEFORE their self titled album! Yes all you preps out there who think Blur is a new band because they came out with a self titled album, THEY'VE BEEN HERE FOR A WHILE! hehe I loved blur, and I still do, i'm just not really into them that much now =̃

22.) Music From the Motion Picture Brainscan
Brainscan is my favourite movie next to Labyrinth. Eddie Furlong is just hot. I loved the music so much too. It's pretty much a bunch of hard rock shit. it REALLY rocks.

23.) Bush : Sixteen Stone
ahhhh Bush when they were actually cool. Bush used to be my favourite band. Their old stuff still rocks though

24.) Bush : Razorblade Suitcase
I don't even know WHY I got this, besides the fact that I was still in the little Bush phase. I mean..hello...no

25.) Mariah Carey : Mariah Carey
i'm sorry, but I'm ALWAYS going to love Mariah Carey.

26.) Mariah Carey : Emotions
She is like, my idol or something. Well, she used to be anyway. I still love her though. Can you blame me?

27.) Mariah Carey : Music Box
ok, this is the last one.

28.) Collective Soul : Collective Soul
what is with these people and their self titled albums? oh well. This one's pretty cool even though I don't think i've actually listend to the whole thing more than 2 times.

29.) Color Me Badd : C.M.B.
ummmm ewwwww! hehe I don't even REMEMBER any of the songs off of this...and...i'm NOT going to! EVER!
30.) The Cranberries : Everybody Else is Doing it, so Why Can't We?
ahhh the very first cranberries album. I don't remember listning to it very much..

31.) The Cranberries : No Need To Argue
i don't know if i listend to this one a lot either. It was better than the first one though

32.) Dino : Swingin'
I dunno if anyone even KNOWS who Dino is. This is one of the first tapes I ever got. I never listend to the whole thing though, only that one Romeo song. hehe I listend to the whole thing a couple years ago. lol it was funny

33.) Dr. Dre : The Chronic
Hello, can we say, phase? hehe my gangsta rap phase lol

34.) Elastica : Elastica
This one rocks. I don't listen to it much now, but it's still cool. I used to listen to it ALL the time.

35.) En Vogue : Funky Divas
hehe this was back when I was in that little prep stage and listend to all that early 90's crap

36.) Eternal : Always & Forever
I listened to this tape once...I think... All I can say is, what a waste of money. you're better off getting that one single. You know? the ONLY song they came out with?

37.) Foo Fighters : Foo Fighters
this one's cool. I never listend to it much though

38.) For Squirrels : Example
Here's another one of those, WHY did I get this? I think I listend to it once. I fell in love with that Mighty KC song though. That's why I got it.

39.) Garbage: Garbage
I know a lot of people don't really like Garbage, but, I still think this tape is awesome.

40.) Gin Blossoms : New Miserable Experiance
I never listened to this one much either. It's cool though. I guess I never listened to it cause it's so mellow

41.) Goldfinger : Goldfinger
goldfinger's pretty cool. I don't really see why they're classified under ska when they're so obviously punk. They're still cool though:) Oh yeah, btw, The City of Two Faces is, as all the preps would say, the bomb.

42.) Goldfinger : Hangups
cool cool not much more to say

43.) Green Day : Dookie
Doesn't EVERYONE have this? hehe Green Day is one of those bands that I got into when I was making the transition from rap and stuff to alternative

44.) Green Day : Insomniac
this one is still cool, even though the songs are starting to all sound the same to me.

45.) Hole : Live Through This
This one rocks. I used to listen to it ALL the time. I always hated it when everyone always ragged on Courtney Love. But hey, now she's conforming to societies ways. wonderful...just..wonderful...

46.) Janet Jackson : Janet
I used to love this one. My favourite song used to be..well...i don't remember, but it's on that album =̃

47.) Michael Jackson : Dangerous
AHHHH!!!! okay okay so I went through this Michael Jackson phase. But that's all it was! A PHASE! it is NO MORE!

48.) Jade : Jade To The Max
I used to love this one too. Back in my..hip hop phase...

49.) The Jingle Cats : Meowy Christmas
this one is just SOOO cute! I saw it on Inside Edition and just HAD to get it the very next day.

50.) Joey Lawrence : Joey Lawrence
I was going through my prep phase..OKAY???

51.) Letters to Cleo : Letters to Cleo
this one is pretty cool. Never listened to it much though

52.) The Little Mermaid : original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Disney..hehe...i used to pretend to be Ariel when i was in my pool back when this came out and i was a kid. hehe I'd sing her little song..hehe it's funny...people have told me I sound like her lol

53.) Live : Throwing Copper
this is a cool tape. I didn't listen to it much at first, then I got into it and listend to it some more and discovoured it was cool

54.) Matchbox20: Yourself and Someone Like You
This is a pretty kick ass album. I haven't listend to it THAT many times yet, but then, I don't really know where I put it at this point of time...it rules though!

55.) Bobby McFerrin : Simple Pleasures
remember that dude who sang, don't worry be happy? hehe that's him! This is THE very first tape I ever got. hehe my brother got it for me one christmas to play for my dancing flowers.

56.) Meat Loaf : Bat Out of Hell II
I got this at VMEA Music Camp. There's just something about Meat Loaf's songs that I love. I dunno what it is.

57.) Alanis Morissette : Jagged Little Pill
I used to LOVE Alanis SOOOO much. She was like, my idol or something. My favourite song used to be You Oughta Know. I loved it the very first time i heard it, which is pretty rare cause i usually have to listen to something a few times before i like it. But, Alanis REALLY needs to come out with something new. this one is just WAY overplayed.

58.) MTV Party 2 Go
ish...this one is like full of really old songs

59.) MTV Party 2 Go Vol. 2
yes i was once an idiot and actually LIKED MTV

60.) MTV Party 2 Go Vol. 3
ACK! What the HELL was wrong with me???

61.) MTV Party 2 Go Vol. 4
thank god this is the last one I got. MTV SUCKS!!!!!

62.) New Kids On The Block : New Kids On The Block
this was like the 2nd tape I ever got. (gag)

63.) New Kids On The Block : Hangin' Tough
Come on...ALL the girls went through that KKOTB phase in the late 80's and early 90's....

64.) New Kids On The Block : Step By Step
You know what was funny? When NKOTB tried to make a comeback...the 2nd time lol!

65.) New Kids On The Block : Merry, Merry Christmas
I can't believe I still have all these things

66.) New Kids On The Block : No More Games / the remix album
they died with this one..and so did my interest

67.) Nine Inch Nails : The Downward Spiral
I don't actually have this one anymore, I left it at a friend's house a year ago. I had to add it though cause I loved it so much. Every song on there described exactly how I was feeling. Whenever I got really pissed off, i'd play that tape up full blast and just vent out all my anger.

68.) Nirvana : Bleach
Nirvana is the GOD of alternative music, and if anyone says otherwize...fuck em!

69.) Nirvana : MTV Unplugged in New York
ugh..can we say Prep Album? oh well, Nirvana still kicks. RIP Kurt!

70.) Offspring : Smash
I don't really have this one anymore either. I loaned it to a friend a LONG LONG time ago who never gave it back. I used to love it SO much though. I listend to it all the time. hehe I used to play Bad Habbit full blast just to piss off the neightbors (G)

71.) Our Lady Peace : Clumbsy
This is one of THE best albums. I definatly got my money's worth with this one:) Of course I only had it a few days before i got in my car accident and it was lost! grrr! But I have it again now and I love it to death!

72.) Pearl Jam : Vs
I got into Pearl Jam when I made the transition from rap to rock. They were the second 'alternative' band That I got into

73.) Pearl Jam : Vitalogy
I got this album the 1st day it was released. hehe It was like an addiction :)

74.) Pearl Jam : No Code
Some people say this album sucks, some say it's just weird, but, fuck em, I still think it's pretty cool

75.) Pearl Jam : Yeild
I got this album basically for 2 reasons. a) it's Pearl Jam and b) it's Brett's favourite band. I've listend to it once, it was ok. But, Brett is an ass hole. And since Pearl Jam is his favourite band, they make me think of Brett. So therefore, i hate Pearl Jam

76.) Tom Petty : Wild Flowers
this is one of those that I wish I never got. IT SUCKS! I can't even blame this one on a phase. It just downright sucks

77.) Wilson Phillips : Shadows and Light
ummmmmmm this is another one of those 'waste of money' things

78.) Poe : Hello
YES! Poe rules! I Love Poe! hehe nice number they have there too :) 69 hehehe purly coincidence.

79.) The Presidents of the Uninted States of America : The Presidents of the Uninted States of America
I used to really really like this band, but now I think they're just a LITTLE TOO goofy.

80.) Queen Latifah : Black Reign
hmmmm...there was a time when I thought I was black...hmmmm (absolutly nothing wrong with being black btw so don't think that's what i'm trying to say!)

81.) R.E.M. : Monster
R.E.M. is cool and all, but, i never really liked this one that much

82.) Republica : Republica
I'm sure this is a cool tape, but, I only listened to it once. Never had the time. I'll listen to it eventually...

83.) Salt-N-Pepa : Very Necessary
okay this is another one that goes under my rap/hip hop phase

84.) Savage Garden: Savage Garden
I lost this tape in my car accident and it pissed me off. But now I have it back. I LOVE it. Savage Garden isn't really my normal 'type' of music but I don't give a damn. I still love this tape man:)

85.) Save Ferris : Introducing Save Ferris
aww yeah heh :) Save Ferris has got to be my favourite band. I'm sooo pissed off that they were here in concert and i couldn't go see them! grrrrrr

86.) Save Ferris : It Means Everything
mmmmm love it love it love it! heh:) A lot of the songs are repeats from the 1st album, but better quality. But who cares cause they totally kick ass!

87.) Shai : If I ever Fall in Love
hmmm I wonder if I ever listend to this whole thing...oh..n/m..i did...i just don't think I ever liked anything other than that one song.

88.) Silverchair : Frogstomp
this one rocks, I love it soo much. there were times when i'd just close my eyes and almost fall in love with this music hehe

89.) Silverchair : Freak Show
I didn't listen to this much cause I didn't have the time. It's pretty cool though.

90.) The Simpsons Sing the Blues
LOL!! I actually BOUGHT this? hehe I don't think it works anymore..I spilled bubble solution all over it a long time ago hehe. bubbles..that gives you a clue how long ago i bought it =̃

91.) The Smashing Pumpkins : Mellon Collie and the Infinate Sadness
I listend to this whole thing like once. hehe it was just too much for me to handle

92.) Smash Mouth: Fush Yu Mang Ok....Walking on the sun I still think is pretty cool but come ON! What's up with this little bull shit ska wanna be shit? Why even TRY?

93.) Soul Asylum : Let Your Dim Light Shine
I don't think I EVER listend to this one...

94.) Stabbing Westward : Wither Wearther Burn and Peel
oh god, I LOVE this tape. it's like, awesome. I used to listen to it ALL the time. hehe it's the best thing next to NIN even though people rag on them cause they say they're trying to be like NIN. I don't care, cause they AREN"T! they're themselves damnit! :)

95.) Stone Temple Piolets : Tiny Music...
this one is cool. Not as cool as their older stuff though.

96.) Sugar Ray : Floored
w00h00 rock on baby! hah :) Man, I've just gotta laugh at any of these little preps that went out and got this cause they thought all the songs would be like fly. hahaha suckers! Now listen to some REAL music! hahahahaha yeah....

97.) SWV : It's About Time
It's about time I got out of that little rap and hip hop phase..cause...just...eww....hehe I used to LOVE SWV though.

98.) Temple of the Dog : Temple of the Dog
this one is cool..i know it is...i mean..Pearl Jam and Soundgarden like..together...what can you expect but coolness? I've never listend to the whole thing though...

99.) TLC : Ooooooohhh...On the TLC Tip
hehehe I used to be like, in love with TLC. Bad By Myself used to be my favourite song. It reminded me of myself hehe cause I thought I was so bad back then lol.

100.) Tool : Ænima
oh my GOD this tape rocks SOOOO much. TOOL rocks so much hehe. I love Tool so much. I've been wanting to get their earlier tapes for like, ever, I just never got around to it.

101.) Toadies : Rubberneck
this tape isn't all that bad. it's cool and all, I just haven't listened to it more than once.

102.) Veruca Salt : American Thighs
This one gets really a mellow in a lot of places, but I love it nevertheless. I used to listen to it like, ALL the time

103.) Music From the Motion Picture Wayne's World
hehe Wayne's World. I didn't even KNOW what kind of music was on this tape when I got it. All I knew was that it was from Wayne's World. That was back in my prep phase when i had this thing against all kind of metal rock anything, so, i never really listend to it. hehe I hated it then, it's okay now though =̃

104.) Weezer : Weezer
this is Weezer when they were actually cool. This old stuff of their's is awesome. I used to listen to it all the time. Their new stuff just sucks though =̃

105.) White Zombie : Astro-Creep 2000
I never listened to this. My friend Cary gave it to me for my birthday a couple years ago. I never listend to it though...

106.) X-scape : Hummin' Comin' at 'cha
damn...do you think there's enough apostophies in that? try using actual ENGLISH for your album title! hehe damn rap/hip hop shit.

I usually never get cassette singles..but I used to a little a long time ago. Here are the few that I actually got.

1.) Beck : Loser
I remember singing "i'm a one hit wonder, so why don't you kill me" hehe damn, too bad I can't do that anymore :) he came out with that where it's at song :) hehe. s'ok though, i'm not complaining.

2.) Boss : Recipe of a Hoe
man, when women start calling THEMSELVES hoes...there's a problem there...

3.) Dr. Dre : Nuthin' But A "G" Thang
English..please...use English...

4.) Duice : Dazzey Duks
man..that spelling is fucked up. I mean, you'd THINK it would be Daisey Dukes...right??

5.) Eternal : stay
i liked this song...their only song worth listning to...

6.) Janet Jackson : Alright (7" Remix)
This was another one of my very first tapes.

7.) Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince : BOOM! Shake The Room
hey...at least they use English :)

8.) Jordy : Dur Dur D'etre Bebe! (It's So Tough To Be A Baby!)
hehe isn't this little boy SOO cute? bah! hehe I can actually understand the french version of it now too... :)

9.) Meat Loaf : Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through
What is it about Meat Loaf and these long titles?

10.) Queen Latifah : U.N.I.T.Y
you and I eat fries, you and I eat fries at the burger king

11.) TLC : Hat 2 Da Back
yes...TLC...they too need to learn English

12.) TLC : Get it Up
get what up? hehe (G) this is the song that's off of the soundtrack from that movie..um...with janet jackson and tupac....um...hehe I don't remember now:)

Well, that's it for now. Whenever I get any new tapes, I'll make sure to add them to the list. hehe maybe, if I keep up with it :)

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