Yes, even I write poetry. It isn't much...I just jot some lines down when I get really bored (usually in geometry class). Or sometimes when I get really pissed off or depressed, I'll just sit down and write something. Well, obviously I'm putting my poetry on here. This is the stuff I've written really recently..I don't know where I have misplaced my old poetry. Of course it figures the ones i've lost somewhere I can't find...hmm..if only I could find that tape I recorded them on...oh well. I'll add more to this as I continue writing.

Free Without A Care
A Water Experiance
Loving You
A Continuing Circle of Pain
My Raven Silver Dove
Forever Free
Everlasting Love
Always on my Mind
Always Be Alone
What Can I Feel
The Sands of Time
The Return of an Old Self
A Game of Love and Trust
A Broken Heart
Silent Fears
One Way Ticket
Thunder Storm
You Are the Reason
You Are the Reason
Set Me Free
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