You know that shit that's like, supposed to tell you what kind of person you are by what your name is? Well I just made this page (as boring as it is) to see, what the hell is the big difference between Elizabeth and Liz. I go by both names. I go by Elizabeth more at home and Liz more on the internet though. Well, anyhow, enough of my babling, here we shall see the differences.


Your name of Elizabeth gives you a very passive outlook on life. You are inclined to live in your dreams and, although you would like to do many things, you are inclined to procrastinate, which does not contribute to accomplishment or complete success in your life. This name gives you a very sensitive nature and you feel much that you do not understand. Your feelings are easily hurt, at which times you are inclined to withdraw and become uncommunicative. Although you desire the friendship and association of others, you find it difficult to put your thoughts into words, and others find you hard to get to know. You do not like to create issues and will do anything to avoid a conflict. You do not find it easy to make a decision and need the support and approval of others. You have very high ideals and desire the refinements of life. Because of inward tension your body is not strong or robust. You are inclined to indulge in foods that lack nourishment, such as rich pastries, jellies, or ice cream. The physical weaknesses of this name are centred in the heart and respiratory organs. This name is very detrimental to health and happiness, due to its extreme sensitivity. It will not allow personal understanding or proper fulfilment.

ok....actually...this is pretty close to the truth. odd


Your name of Liz creates a friendly, easy-going nature. You are very idealistic but lack the ambition and drive necessary to accomplish your undertakings. You are easily influenced through the emotions and find it difficult to say "no" and mean it. You do not like to create tension or friction and will try various means to avoid such situations. Many times you dream about the things you desire in life, but when it comes down to putting forth the necessary effort and accomplishing your goals, you do not have the strength and initiative. You are too generous and if appealed to will give all you have. Because of your friendly, generous nature, many times you make promises you do not keep, although your intentions are always good. This name does not allow you the system and order your life requires to run in a smooth, efficient way, and if possible you will avoid having to make decisions because you feel much more secure when you can lean on others. In health, you would suffer through either kidney trouble, female problems, or varicose veins. Due to a sensitivity in your nervous system, you could experience nervous disorders.

well damn, look at that. that's even closer. I guess I'm just more of a Liz type person than I am an Elizabeth type one =

Don't ask me what the point in this was, cause I have no clue. Thank you drive through.

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