Yes yes, I know there are about a million and a half people out there who are obsessing over this little amime cartoon, but, I don't care. And no, I'm not one of those people who are able to and are going to tell you the outline of every episode of Sailor Moon there is. I don't know half that much. In all truth, I just started watching the show on the USA network thanx to Anthony. hehe Even though he hates the show with a passion. Oh well, I love it. I got addicted to it right away. And I plan to keep watching it for a long time.
Well, this is about what I know about Sailor Moon. There are a bunch of young/teenage girls who have pretty much normal teenage lives and normal things happen to them that happen to every other teenager in the world. But, on the other hand, they turn into the Sailor Scouts and fight these evil witches and stuff that want some powerful crystal or something.
Yes yes I know, it sounds just like it's another one of those stupid little girly cartoons that some idiot made up off the top of his head. But, It's not! It's actually really cool. And even if you DO despize the story line, it's still cool to look at. Here, just look for yourself. hehe ramble around in my Sailor Moon picture archive :).

Here are the profiles and seperate pictures of each of the sailor scouts

Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Mars
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Moon
Sailor Venus
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Pluto
Sailor Saturn
Sailor Uranus

Here are the profiles and seperate pictures of some friends of the sailor scouts

Tuxedo Max

Here are just some pictures of many of the characters in different groups.

Sailor Moon Webrings
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