These are the things that I either support or condone in some way or another. I decided to give them their own little page since they were begining to become a clutter at the bottom of my index page =

MIRC is an awesome chat program. If you don't already have it GET IT! Just don't yell at me when you get addicted.

This is pretty self explanatory eh?

Support free speech on the web! We have the right to say whatever the hell we please! agreed?

We all have the right to privacy do we not? Support the Golden Key Campaign and keep the internet private!

I agree with this totally...

Support the lime ribbon campaign and show that all of us people who use the internet aren't all geeks!

Being a Wiccan, I myself find it horrible that 'the burning times' ever even took place. Let's all make sure nothing like this EVER happens again to anyone for any reason!

Let's all surf the net WITHOUT prejudice! People have the right to believe in whatever they believe without getting hounded by people who believe otherwize.

We all heard about the group of southern babtists who 'boycoted' Disney because they accepted gays and lesbians for what they are. Come on now people, let's stop this stupidity!

I know what it feels like to be on the verge of killing yourself, and i know what it feels like when you think that nothing could possibally be worse than living another day. But I also know that suicide is not the way. Let's try to stop teen suicide.

Let's not allow depression to swallow each other.

fuck the barbie complex. not everyone has to look like a barbie doll!

ok, if you don't know what this means, you obviously haven't been to my page and you're obviously not here. pop up adds fucking SUCK!

Let's celebraite our differences, not condem each other because of them

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