-=()=- Sir K.A.Os -=()=-

This is where I bore you with information about myself that you will probably never care about.

-=Personal Information=-

NAME: K.A. Osborne

HANDLE: Sir K.A.Os (acronym of name)

ORIGIN: California

IRC NICKs: Sir_KAOs+{-}ions+ignavum (i frequent irc.cris.com) #pinkfloyd

D.O.B.: 10-07-72 (no lie, like you care.)

SEX: (yes,please) male

MARITAL STATUS: yep, shure am, i love my darling wife! (ok she's gone now, eheheh)

-=Favorite Bands=-

I will just list the names of the bands i like and not go into a spiel on each one ;)

Ramones-Tool-Korn-Marilyn Manson-Danzig-Pink Floyd-Beastie Boys-The Ventures-The Cramps

Dick Dale & His DelTones-The Grave Digazz'-Patsy Cline-Suicidal Tendancies-Ministry

Butthole Surfers-White Zombie-Billy Idol-Devo-Pop Will Eat Itself-Front 242-Slayer-Black Sabbath

Primus-Prodigy-Jesus Jones-The Mentors-Jimi Hendrix-The Doors-The Who-Iron Butterfly

King Diamond-Merciful Fate-Fiona Apple-Stone Temple Pilots-Dead Can Dance-Information Society

Jerry Lee Lewis-Glenn Miller-Atari Teenage Riot-Weird Al Yankovic-Nirvana-Njoi-The Cult

There are a shitload more, but thats enough to give you a general idea of influences I have

-=Random Babble=-

My life consists of working, drinking Coca-Cola Classic, smoking Lucky Strike Cigarettes, and listening to music every fucking chance I get! (i know i live the wildlife ;P) I luv playing my drums when I can w/ my buds or alone. ummm, harrasing my wife about trivial shit (hmmmm). staring off into space. Sitting around in my boxers and working on this fucking webpage without using any kind of editor (yes, i do 100% of my web pages in a text editor no cheesy web creator/makers for me, kinda dumb though it took me 13+ hours to make/type out this webpage when I could have made it under 3 hours with a web creator. But then again I use a "classic" Amiga 500 to do all my computing on (lets face it im a poor boy and cant afford a PC to use all those bitching programs and games on, *sniff* pitty me.) 4-20-98 aha! no longer do i need your little mortal pitty! for i now own a PC ;) Thankx 2 My Uncle Sam (tax return)And My Bro Tarl Cabot (sold me his pc).

I worship Satan (but only on x-mas and when i wanna piss off one of those asshole religious freaks. Im a paranoid person, dont like to tell people i know/meet too much about me in fear they may follow me home, steal my shit, kill my wife and kid rape me and I might enjoy the last part. (ewwwwwwww!) But yet I use a cordless telephone with only one frequency!? I own an acustic and electric guitar, but cant play jack shit on either of them, but i still like to use them to make nasty noise. Im not much of a talker, unless I go into a rant about something I dont like or typing shit like this that anybody in their right mind would have stopped reading hours ago and moved on in life.

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-= Ok Thats Enough For Now. Go Read A Book! =-