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" Linís Bulldog Greeting Cards "

"By: Linís Bullies"

Greetings Everyone! You will find here "free" cards to send to all your friends and family but for those like myself that are in love with the English Bulldogs additional links are always being added. Please find below some of my favorite links for English Bulldog lovers like myself.

I am dedicating this page as a Memorial to my precious "Sissy Lin" who passed away Wednesday, March 5, 2003, my little angel "Rocky Ja" went to Rainbow Bridge May, 5, 2004 and "Jasmine" who grannied them all with love who passed May 6, 2004.

"Sissy Lin"

"Lin's Incred'bl Storm"

"Snazzy Jasmine"

Create and send a Musical and Graphical Card along with a text message to someone.

In 23 different languages.

When creating a Virtual Musical Card you will be able to customize its layout by choosing optional pictures and sounds. After submitting your design a preview will be displayed and you can make changes. You can even upload "your own" images such as your family, your Bulldog pic as well as your favorite song. The recipients will be notified about their Virtual Musical Card by email message. I will provide them with a unique claim check number to enter and request their Card.

I hope you enjoy this FREE service. Bookmark this page now!

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Tell your friends and return again soon.

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