It has returned! Amazingly enough, pretty much on what would have been the one year anniversary of the club. Hopefully it's here to stay, right?
This page is for a club, dedicated to the brilliant book: "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton, published way back in 1967. However, as anyone in the club'll tell you, it's pretty hard to tell that it's that old. An AWESOME book. Totally recommended. So, have fun surfing this site. :) Comments to the webmistress..

About the book of The Outsiders.
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Roleplay - we're going to have a roleplay using the characters. Please join up!
Fanfiction using the characters.

There will be more coming, indeed! I am slowly getting this done..slowly, slowly. Nothing's on next weekend, so then I shall try!


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The characters used on this site are used without permission and are 1967 S.E. Hinton, and her mind. Honestly, no infringement intended, I love them all.