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Welcome! Merry Met and Blessed Be!

Welcome to my site. :>. I am Kathleen. This is my site, and you are most welcome here. A lot has happened since I first created this site more than a few years ago. It's been a wild and tumultuous journey. (quietly) some might understand when I say it is not one I would recommend taking, and would certainly not revisit again. I have drastically changed, unfortunately; but then who has not changed through storm and trial?

  This site was my refuge, my outlet for thoughts and new experiences and depths of discovery at a time when I was 'awakening'. It has not seen much added to it for many years now, however, and is due an update, I suppose.

  My poetry has come and gone in spurts of available time and I miss the time I used to spend writing. Since I started this site, life has advanced to more than the speed of Kathleen, which was once already somewhere around Mach 5 and threatened to dismantle me on more than one occasion. Perhaps, now that I move more towards the late summer of my life, things will slow down, but sadly, I do not harbor much hope for any more respite in the seasons to come than I did in the first half of my life's 'year'.

  I have changed a lot over the last 5 years since I updated this site. I apologize for anyone who might remember me and for some odd reason wishes I had kept it up. I thank you all those who were regular visitors, and all those who took the time to sign my guestbook. It means a lot to know when people stop by my site and what they think about my creations, good or bad. Common courtesy and decency and friendliness are rarer and rarer in this dying and - dare I speak pessimistically, but honestly - increasingly hopeless world. If you are struggling or happy, open yourself for a minute to be grateful if you can or helpful to another if you cannot. Please spare a few minutes to say something kind to someone today who needs it, and give 5 minutes of thought and time to something else other than your dreams, sorrows and struggles. It will mean a lifetime to someone else. and (sigh) would be good for you as well.

  This is a place of my musings, and, hopefully, a place of fellowship for the heart. As time goes by, I might change it again, but for now the pages that you will find will remain dedicated to my poetry, some idle thoughts, some moments of reflections, retrospection and revelation. Your thoughts would be most welcome; let me know what you think.

 A long time ago, someone commented that my creations are very personal, and intimated that perhaps I should be embarrassed to have the whole world see the depths my passions and emotions. Yet, I do not feel that I am alone in experiencing the thoughts and feelings that I do. And I wrote them because I WAS alone. In sharing them, I hope that I will find I am not alone, and perhaps another will not feel so alone either. It remains my hope that you will find within these pages reflections of your own spirit in my words.

 This world is so full, and our lives are so short - let us not forget to stop and let our hearts breathe, to feel the passion of life, the caress of the wind, remember the kiss of someone long forgot ten in the hustle and bustle of our harried existence. Stop here and take a moment - hopefully, in that moment you will refind some piece of yourself, in this, my humble site...



My Pages

Main Page
Ditties: Just a few poems!
The Healer: A spiritual love poem
Obsession: The passion that consumes from a distance
To the Keeper of My Heart: A little note
Hint of a Blush: Remembering when - with a blush
Dream of the Dancer
Absolution: repentance and moving on
Raging: The aftermath...
Unknowing: Wondering...
Night's Passing: When it's time to let it go...
Morning Dewdrops
Irreplaceable You
Patterns of Sorrows
My "Fit": A poem for Janet.
Curves: Seeking that Fit
Too Many Hats
Soul's Cry
The Battlefield Within: Insights to the Soul

Tributes to the glory of nature:

Winter's Kiss: The touch of winter
The River
Indigo Night

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I'm glad you came! Thanks for checking out my stuff. This page has been visited times since it's creation July 1998. Come back again and check out the additions and changes!.

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