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Southern Gentleman's. <br> "Grand Ole Southern Page!"

"Southern Gentleman's
Grand Ole Southern Page"

"A Modern Day Southern Gentleman"

I Wish you were in Dixie!

I am a 43 year old descendant of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Spent most of my life south of the Mason Dixon line. Born in Texas, currently reside in Alabama the "Heart of Dixie". I have also lived in Florida and Georgia. Our high school mascot in Pensacola was Johnny Rebel, we proudly displayed the Confederate flag and "I wish I was in Dixie!" was our school fight song. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Historical Links

General Robert Edward Lee (1807-1870)
My 5th Generation Grandfather

General Robert E. Lee

More about our Confederate General

Lee and Grant at Appomattox Court House Virginia


Gone With the Wind Movie Home Page
Gone With The Wind June 26, 1998!

Scarlett Ohara,
the most difficult lil Filly
to ever hit the South!

Hollywood Archives
"Gone with the Wind" the movie clips

Hollywood II
More pics and movie info.

Civil War History

The North versus the South!

Sour Grapes
How did we ever get over that daggone war?

Confederate Eyes
What the North looked like to Confederate Eyes
toward the War's end.

Confederate Veteran
A history of the Confederate legend,
or myth as it were.

Dixieland and Gettysburg
"Way down south in the land of cotton" great site!!
Walk through History on the last day of the Civil War

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