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Author's Note: Italics represents thought.

Heavenly Advice

Remy paced across the small hotel room, his odious gait reflected the forbearance he had lost during his whole predicament. He slovenly plopped on the threadbare bed trying, wanting to get some rest. Recently however his sleep had been meager and he became much of an insomniac.

Burying his head into his pillow was his only recourse, endeavoring to forget what Rogue had done.

“She doesn’ matter. Never did. Just be on my way,” he told himself over and over again, trying to procure his sanity.

He closed his eyes again, desperately trying to regain the little composure he still had.

A cool breeze blew over Remy’s neck and a barely audible voice was heard in the room. Picking his head up he launched over to the window.

“Is it really you?” His voice quivered, “Rogue? My Roguie?” Gambit acted on compulsion to throw his arms around her tightly. He no longer cared that she left him in Antarctica, he didn’t care that she had broken his heart, all he cared about was that she was here. His Rogue. He drew closer only to be stopped by an extended hand.

“Sugar, Ah’m not what ya think...”

Remy looked up in wonderment. Wat does she mean by dat? She look’s de same to me. Maybe she got amnesia like Magn...... Joseph. Do I care? Not really, no.

“Maybe this isn’t the brightest idea Ah ever had.”

“Chere, yes it is. No , don’ mean dat you’ve never had a good idea before you’ve had lots of dose I’m just saying dis one’s a good one too.”

“No it wasn’t.”

“Yes it was......” reaching out for her she began to undulate before him. Remy was astonished at the sight of his love disappear and recreate itself in the form of a winged figure.

“Wat de hell is dis? You ain’t Rogue! Wat did you do wid her?” shouting he raised the cards, ready to attack.

“Rogue is in the mansion safe and sound sleeping. There is no need to concern yourself with affairs such as that.”

“Den why you come here lookin’ like Rogue?”

“I come in any form you wish to see. Apparently you wished to see Rogue.”

“Well yeah of course, I would love to see Rogue but dat a different subject. Who are you?”

“I am your fifth guardian angel, Remy LeBeau.”

“My fifth? I thought I was only supposed to get one.”

“You are,” the angel replied, “but your others have suffered numerous mental breakdowns and were reassigned to other Christians who do not get into so much trouble. I am here to help you with your reclamation.”

Remy now interrupted, “Listen, don’ get me wrong, don’ mind wat you are don’ but I got my judgment from my friends, I did as much of the Lord’s work as I’m ever goin’ to do and I’ve had up to here wid all dis angel crap!”

The angel nodded and stretched out it’s wings. The peaceful white feathers turned red and lit up in flame. Backing toward the bed Remy covered his eyes for the angel had begun to illuminate.

“Crap be de wrong word? Sorry den?”

“You are a resolute, malcontent human being, Remy LeBeau, who had better take advantage of the benevolence I’m bestowing on you tonight. Even though Rogue has judged you severely for a rather small crime, even in Heaven’s sight, you should not remain seething. You remaining stagnant here only makes it worse.”

Lowing his head ,“But she doesn’ care angel!”

“She is fraught with remorse for her actions and your friend Ororo has made sure that her anger has withered away. The only thing left for you to do is to repair your gnarled heart and dispel from this place.”

“Really? You ain’t lying to me or anythin’?”

“I am an angel, I cannot lie, so I tell you to go act like yourself once more and get over the whole event! It is quite clear that she wants you back. Stop moping and go!”

Getting up Remy smiled, he was going home, to the X-Men, to Rogue. As he was in the doorway he turned to the angel once again, “You’re de best guardian angel a man could have!”

A door slammed.

A light flashed.

A small unkept room in Italy was now abandoned.

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