Realms that I Can Call My Own

Vengeance in the Subreality Cafe
Ever wonder what would happen if one of the comic book characters read a fanfiction story. Would they like what was written? This is about one who didn't. :)
Trick or Treat?
It's Halloween in the X-House and anything can and will happen!
Bonnie, Clyde, and the Christmas Tree
Gen X is given three simple tasks; feed Mutant, the dog, watch Quicksilver's daughter, Luna, and decorate the Christmas tree. The question is can a group of teenagers home alone do any of this.
Last Hope: A X-mas tale
A very strange Christmas story and one of my personal experiments.
Heavenly Advice
Gambit is sitting in his hotel room when his guardian angel comes to help him out.
Civil War
What should the X-Men have done when they found out where Gambit was and why he was there? This.
Topic Today: Confusing and Complicated Romances
Scott and Jean go on the "Jerry Springer Show" and the whole Summers Family Clan follows causing much angest, chaos, and high ratings.
A Father's Hell
Even though we may not have agreed with it, Marvel has for the most part told us what the X-Men's reaction was to Gambit being left in Antartic but they haven't told us what Remy's own father thought about it. This is it, in Jean-Luc's own words.
Another, Barkeep
We all read the incredibly stupid break up of Pete Wisdom and Kitty Pryde. This is Pete dealing with it.
A daughter comes to visit her father's grave trying to be strong but... well... it doesn't work out that way.

Other in my Realm

Frank Southerington

As a Bird
After Gambit has killed Julien in the guilds' most famous duel, he says good bye to Belladonna.

Jacque Koh
Gambit's Cat-astrophe
Being a X-Man prepares you for many strange and unusual happenings but nothing.... NOTHING could prepare Gambit for this.

Marvel Paradise
A humorous song about the Marvel universe sung to the tune of "Gangstas' Paradise."

With Orla

Gambit's Reasons Why Rogue Can't Marry Magneto
How would Gambit try to persuade Rogue to call of a wedding with Magneto? Like this.

Jason Lewan
Peter Rasputin has died, and part of the X-Universe assembles at his funeral, finding recourse in each other.

J.B. McDonald
Subreality Cafe: When A Critter Can't Have A Meeting
Sequal to the story "Critters," all the loveable pets of fanfiction decide to take over the Subreality Cafe when the Bouncer refuses to let them in.
(Mutant, my little creation is in this story.)

A Walk
The future is full of uncertainity, this is a chilling look into that uncertain future, for both humans and mutants alike.

Loni Kingrey
There's a Mutant Under My Bed
What happens when the X-Men get a transmission and misunderstand it? Will chaos and panic brake out? This story answers that question in a very humorous way.

Lori McDonald
Split Second Decisions
In times of danger, a combat leader must be able to make quick decisions regarding what to do and where to go. However, what happens later, when Scott realizes the decision he made might have been the wrong one?

A Monster Among Us: A Story of the Common People
It could happen to anyone, being a mutant. This is an account of the search for one.

Min "The Originator" Heng
Subreality Cafe: Kids' Night Out
The Subreality Cafe, the so to speak pitstop where fanfiction characters can rest between parts. Tonight at the the cafe, the children of our busy X-Men gather and confront their parents.


Lori's Archive
One of the best, no the best fanfiction site out there today.
Shifting Sands
A close second to Lori's.
Gen-X Fanfic Archive
Don't go here unless your looking for a good Gen X story.
Lots and lots of listings.

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