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Author's Note: This is from Jean-Luc LeBeau's point of view and he's writing this on his computer (one he probably stole but that isn't the point.) It takes place right after Gambit gets out of Antarctica. I'm ignoring that one comment that Gambit had made about walking out of Antarctica and sticking with the X-Men Unlimited Issue (number, I don't have the slightest clue) where he is found by dog sled, collapsed in the snow. That's all you need to know except that this is the product of caffeine and watching the sunrise after staying up all night. Enjoy.

A Father's Hell

I close my eyes for one second and the whole world goes straight to hell, well at least my world anyway. Sure, my whole council keeps telling me that everything's going to be okay and that it's none of my concern, but I keep wishing I had kicked all their asses when they first started to gab in my ear. They'd be singing a different tune if it was their boy that had been freezing to death in a icy hell, but it was my boy. My little boy was the one that almost died, never any of their's, not that I'd wish this on any of their children.

This is my concern, as much as they'd want me to back away from the whole Antarctica mess, I can't. What kind of father would I be if I did? To abandon Remy in his time of need? Leave him scared, alone, cold, and no place to go? I'd be like his biological father, that's what kind of father I'd be. The bastard, never even tried to find him, not that I would have let go under any circumstances. How anyone could leave a child in the streets to fend for themselves is beyond me, maybe it's best for whoever he is to remain a mystery... I want to basically hurt my own council, I'll turn assassin on a low life like him.

It's funny. The media has this image of the guilds as two mafias, only French: pin-stripped suits, ridiculous hats, the whole deal. Wonder what they would think if they could see "their don" now? Sitting in front of a damn computer watching that infernal cursor blinking at me as if in taunt, not knowing why I even bothered to write any of this, quietly wondering if I'm original thought process was that this would make me feel better about the idea that my beloved child nearly died, as the first rays of the sun peer through my window, while my hand reaches yet again for a bottle of... I don't even know what I'm drinking now. It's been too long since I really cared. Must be the Cajun blood coursing through my veins, giving me an incredibly high tolerance to alcohol. Any other time it would have been a blessing but not now while I'm trying to drown myself in it. That would make a great cover story right there, "The True Guilds Revealed", well at least the true guilds at the moment. It wouldn't get published anyway, have to much power in this city to ever be slander against like that, truth or not. Got shot last week and my little brother, the big, mean mayor, sued all the gun manufactures with angry vengeance.

As soon as I know Remy's absolutely out of danger I'll allow my own angry vengeance free rein, I doubt it will be a simple lawsuit though. The haunting images of my baby boy being carried in, frost bitten all over, his hair wet from melted snow, shivering, no matter how many blankets I put on him, would never permit a simple lawsuit to be the lone vengeance, it calls for far more dire deeds.

I almost lost him, Tante Mattie said that it had been real close and he still needed to be under her care. Just by looking at him I knew she was right and didn't bother fighting to take him home with me, she needed to care for him still. I'd be damned if I were to lose another son. Bad enough I lost Henri, my own stupidity I suppose, could have sent anyone to Westchester but I sent my oldest son instead. I still have dreams of his funeral, wake up in a cold sweat, tears streaking down my face. I couldn't, I can't lose Remy, too. Tante Mattie assured me that he'd be alright, with time, but he'd be okay. Still, I can't shake that urge to worry, but I guess that's what happens when it's your kid involved.

I only got to speak with him for a little bit, he's been sleeping a lot. Kept mentioning Rogue and how it's all his fault that she left him there. It was only a matter of time until I got a full report from some thieves to what happened and filled in all the holes in Remy's sketchy account.

What a bitch! I can't believe it, after everything those two had been through together, she did that! And I liked Rogue, too. Just after I said, "I don't have anything against her. Could be worse, she could be the heir to the rival guild." she goes off and does this. Leave him in Antarctica with no chance for survival because she didn't like what she saw in his mind, because she felt that she had that right to cast judgment forgetting everything she'd done. Even Belle wasn't that bad. At her worse, completely insane, with all her good memories gone, and not to mention whatever else that twisted benefactress of the guilds did to her mind, she at least gave Remy a chance at survival. He could have defeated her, there was a possibility of it, but with Rogue he had no chance at all. The dog sled team found right in the nick of time.

Remy hadn't told me anything of the trial, he must be building the courage to tell me about his deep, dark secret still. Must be scared out of his mind that I'm going to disown, if he only knew. It'll be no surprise to me, it wasn't even a surprise when the full report came back, I've known about this for years. A most definite benefit from having a few spare men follow him around all the time. Knew about four months after he did it, the report came back to me late because he went off running. After the massacre he went to Seattle and trashed a small threatre that had been used as headquarters, I guess. The "fireworks" I've been told were incredible and then he nearly disappeared, nearly being the important word. There are most definitely bonuses to be being leader of the Thieves' Guild.

His enrollment wasn't that horrible, he was just a wee bit dense. Pack of murders and then Creed, words simply don't describe him, even vulgar words in harsh sounding languages don't describe him, heading down a tunnel just didn't ring a warning bell in Remy's mind that they weren't going there to have a picnic. Last time I checked stupidity wasn't a capital offense. Besides, he was young and easily manipulated when he did it. Anyone would be easily manipulated if Sinister told you that your wife was dead.

Maybe he's up, I can tell him that he's not the only one with skeletons in the closet and I still love him and I wouldn't stop being his father no matter how many stupid things he's done. If I disowned him for every stupid thing he's done, I would have done it hundreds of times by now. I guess that's the difference between the guilds and the X-Men, the guilds admit they have skeletons in their closets and due to that solitary fact, can't open other people's said closets and rattle the bones, whereas the X-Men... they pick and choose what closets they're going to search.

Now isn't that strange, writing this stupid thing did make me feel better. It didn't curb my urge to seek bloody vengeance, but it did make me feel a little better. Guess things will get better in time but I suppose it's hoping for too much for the whole situation to improve in the next fifteen minutes.

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