Okay... to sumbit a story into the Realm's archive you have to do a few simply things. Follow them and you're in. So here's the deal..........

I'll do the HTML for you.

I'll write a summary for you. (but I rather you give me one)

This is very important so listen; DARK STORIES, VIOLENT STORIES, AND HELLISHLY FUNNY STORIES ARE A SHOE IN TO GET INTO THIS ARCHIVE. Stories containing strange pairings and other challenges may be accepted but that's on how good the story is and how much I enjoy it. I'm not against stories with happy endings or anything (some of my stories are like that) but they're not exactly what I'm looking for since the name of my archive is "Hell's FanFiction Realm". Of course if I do enjoy the story and it goes against everything I just said it has a good chance of getting on, too. I'm very relaxable about things. Stories get in if I like them or not, but I have all right to refuse. (But I doubt that will happen so don't worry, it's there to feed my ego.)

But that most important rule is please give me a good story! If the story is bad Tom, Crow, Mike or Joel better be in there, or at least three people chiding the story. :)

Pretty good deal? You can either send your story from here or from the main page.

One last thing, if you do do your own HTML and mess it up horribly (meaning it's takes me longer than two minutes to fix) I'm putting the story up as is and in pink and it will stay that way until you fix it. I call this "The Pink Clause." Others ways that your story may turn pink.

More than five spelling errors. (I know I said I might do spell check, but it became to much. Titles were spelled wrong, words I didn't know and neither did my computer, I couldn't take it. More five spelling errors that have no excuse. If the word is truly, truly spelled wrong that's counted and so are all titles.)

Grammar beyond redemption. If I can see a good story, through a grammarly incorrect coat I'll post it but it'll be in pink.

No given name - I'll put your email up and wait until you ask that the story not be pink.

And one last thing. If a story contains Abyss's bunny slippers and they speak an understandable language....pink. Likewise, I know this will never happen but if Mutant (my little creation) ever speaks to people (telepaths, animals, and some aliens not included) and they understand him...pink. He's just a dog but as I said it'll never happen. :(

So that's it. If a came off a bit harsh I'm sorry, I'm really a nice guy. It's just that I've seen archivists having mental breakdowns because sumbitters don't listen to the guide lines and I swore to myself not to let this happen to me. Besides I think it'd be fun to see stories in pink and sumbitters will look over their work making it easier for the rest of us.

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