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Note about Continuity: I realize that after Operation Zero Tolerance, everyone needed time to heal. This funeral takes place after that. Some of these characters still would not be able to make the funeral, but Iím changing that. Iím also assuming that certain people (especially the X-Men) probably had to really stretch to make ends meet to even make it to Muir Island, but that they all managed to do so nonetheless.

Disclaimer: The X-Men, X-Factor, Excalibur, X-Force, Generation X, and assorted X-characters are not mine. Welcome to my world and my version of them.

Chapter Two

The many guests assembled in the dining hall at the long, ornate, ancient table which easily fit them all. After getting their catered meals buffet-style, they chose seats.

At one end of the table, Scott Summers and Jean Grey sat at the head of it, while Kitty Pryde and Pete Wisdom sat on one side, and Illyana and Meggan sat on the other side.

"So, I donít believe youíve introduced us to your friend, Kitty," Jean Grey instigated, grinning. "Donít worry, we wonít kill him."

Wolverine walked over and sat next to Pete. "Whoíre you, bub?" Logan demanded.

"Oh, sod!" Pete groaned. "Let the interrogation begin!" Meggan giggled.

Logan grinned. Looking at Kitty, he said, "I like him, heís got spunk, or at least he does so far. Unless he winds up hurting you, then he wonít be capable of doing anything." Logan glared at Pete.

"All roit, Iíll be nice to her!" Pete exasperated. "I was planning on doing it anyways."

Kitty turned to Logan, "Wolverine, itís okay. Well, I guess youíre all wondering who he is. Everyone, this is Pete. Pete this is Scott Summers and Jean Grey, and thatís Logan," Kitty explained. "Okay?"

"Well, it is a pleasure to meet you," Jean Grey said, smiling warmly.

"Thank you," Pete uttered, looking down.

"So how long have you two been dating?" Cyclops asked, not being able to hold it in anymore.

"A while, I guess," Kitty thought. "About three months?" Kitty looked at Pete and nodded. "Yeah, that sounds about right."

"I just wanted to say, Illyana," Jean interjected, "that I loved your speech. It moved me. I wanted to personally welcome you here, and it gives me great joy to meet you."

Illyana grinned sheepishly and shyly. "Thanks," she mumbled.

Wow, Jean thought, this is not the Illyana we knew.

"So, Wolvy?" Jubilee piped up from the seat on Wolverineís right. "I wanted you to meet my friend here." Wolverine turned to Jubilee and grinned.

"Anythin, darlin," he grinned.

Jubilee pointed to her right. "Everett Thomas, meet Logan, Logan, meet Everett Thomas." Logan firmly shook hands with him, glaring at him slightly.

"I remember you," Wolverine added. "From when I came."

"Yeah, I wasnít sure if you would," Everett grinned. "But it is nice to see you again, sir." Wolverineís eyebrow arched at the "sir", and he winked at Jubilee.

Betsy Braddock, who was sitting on Megganís right, turned to her. "Iím hesitant to ask this, Meggan, because for some reason, I can tell itís a bad time to ask this question. But how is Brian?"

Megganís lower lip trembled and she reeled. What do I tell her, Meggan wondered. Kitty glanced up from her meal and stopped eating.

"Well, Betsy," Meggan said. "Iím sorry to say this, but I know youíd want to know the truth. I know you well enough to know that. Brian is back at drinking again, and at womanizing, although I donít think thatís something he did much before. Heís lost to me. The next time I speak to him, Iím going to make it clear that weíve broken up. Something tells me, though, that he already knows....."

Meggan glanced at Betsy, checking her reaction. She was thinking about it, that much Meggan could tell. She just hoped Psylocke wouldnít be mad at her.

Betsy hugged Meggan, fiercely, and apologized. "Iím sorry, Meggan. I donít know whatís wrong with him, or why he did that, but Iím sorry. In some ways, though, Iím glad itís happened."

"What?" Meggan shot back.

"Thatís exactly why," Betsy grinned. "You seem to be more independent now. Before, it seemed you relied a bit too much on Brian. Now I see that you are your own person. Iím glad. Have you been increasing your studies lately, too?"

"Yes, I have been studying a lot with Douglock," Meggan sheepishly replied.

"Well, itís working," Betsy said.

"Pass me the salt? Jonothan Starsmore asked Paige Guthrie, down the table two seats from Psylocke.

"Here ya go," Paige said, passing it along.

Paige accidentally knocked a drink over in Warren Worthingtonís lap, who was sitting next to Betsy on Paigeís left. "Oh, Ahím sorry!" Paige Guthrie blurted.

"Geez!" Warren shouted. "I-You- ah, never mind."

"Oops," Paige said while Warren stormed off.

"Donít worry, heís been moody lately," Betsy said to her. Paige smiled at her nicely, then looked over at Monet, who was shouting.

"I can not believe you!" Monet shouted at Angelo Espinoza, who was sitting next to him.

"Good one, Skin!" Cable joked, across from Monet.

"Angelo, please try to act civilly," Emma Frost ordered.

"It was just a burp!" Angelo exclaimed.

"Angelo," Emma countered.

"Excuse me," he said.

Samuel Guthrie shifted in his seat, trying not to look to the person sitting to his left. He didnít want to sit next to the White Queen, Emma Frost, but there were no seats at all left near Tabitha, and he wanted to catch up on old times. Ever since theyíd broken up, heíd missed her. Not in that way, of course. He just wanted to stay friends, and missed their friendship.

"Samuel, why do I bother you so much?" Emma asked nicely.

"What? Why, uh, whereíd ya get such a silly idea from?" Sam nervously stuttered.

"Please, Samuel, weíve talked about this before," Emma said. "I was hoping it had helped things, but I guess it hasnít."

Sam sat, quiet. "Well, he doesnít like you," Tabitha spoke up from next to him. "And neither do most of us. But thatís because the White Queen we knew was no saint."

"People change," Emma pleaded.

"Yeah, sure," Tabitha grinned.

"Tabitha, give her a chance," Domino spoke up. "Sheís attempting to help us out, or at least help the professor. At least be nice to her for that."

"Thank you," Emma said, going back to eating quietly.

"Well, I just canít believe heís here," Warpath said.

"Who?" Siryn asked, who had just taken a bite out of her salad and had missed the comment.

"Alex Summers," Warpath whispered. "Heís here."

"Aye, that he is, me boyo," Theresa OíRourke noticed. "So what? He was an X-Man for a very long time, and the whole time he was an X-Man, Colossus was, too."

"Yeah, but heís changed for the worse, lately," Warpath argued. "He tried to kill Cyclops!"

"Iím with him," Roberto agreed. "I totally agree."

"I donít think it really matters," Dani Moonstar interrupted. "I think weíre all here to honor a great man. After that, nothing else matters."

"Exactly," Theresa agreed.

Chapter Three:

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