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Note about Continuity: I realize that after Operation Zero Tolerance, everyone needed time to heal. This funeral takes place after that. Some of these characters still would not be able to make the funeral, but Iím changing that. Iím also assuming that certain people (especially the X-Men) probably had to really stretch to make ends meet to even make it to Muir Island, but that they all managed to do so nonetheless.

Disclaimer: The X-Men, X-Factor, Excalibur, X-Force, Generation X, and assorted X-characters are not mine. Welcome to my world and my version of them.

Chapter Four

Pete smiled fakely. "Mhm, nice ta meet ya. Yep."

"Arenít we being nice?" Kitty whispered in his ear.

"Only because you promised me youíd beat me if I wasnít," he snarled in- between fake grins. "Gíday, now. See ya. Yip. Uh-huh. Buh-bye."

"Well, Ororo, it was really nice seeing you," Kitty said while she hugged her old friend good-bye. "I hope to see you again soon."

"And I, my kitten," Ororo replied. "I really must insist that you drop by the mansion sometime."

"I will, if I can convince this old sod to come by sometime," Kitty grinned, tugging at Peteís arm.

"Wouldnít that be interesting?" Logan joked. Pete smiled weakly at him. "Look, bub, itís been nice meetin ya. Just remember, if ya....."

"I know, I know," Pete groaned. "If Iím mean ta Kitty than not only will ya personally come ta kick me butt, but yaíll make sure that it hurts. Iíve heard it all before. How many guardians do ya have, Kitty?!" Logan laughed, and hugged Kitty good-bye.

"Iím sure heíll be nice to me," Kitty winked. "Otherwise, I get first dibs on him."

"Now isnít that a nice thought?" Pete leered.

"Itís been real nice meetin yaíll," Rogue grinned. "Ah sure hope I do run into ya sometime."

"Hopefully next time it wonít be at a funeral," Andre said.

"Ahíve got a feelin that there will be anutha funeral right soon if Pete doesnít wise up," Rogue laughed. "Right soon....."

Neophyte just stood there awkwardly, next to Andre, nodding at the people leaving. "It was nice to meet you, too, Lars," Rogue told him, hugging him.

"Well, uh, t-thank you," Lars stuttered. "It was, um, well, nice to meet you, too. Yep."

"Yaíll take care now!" Rogue walked away slowly.

"Youíre sure this is what you want?" Scott Summers asked Dr. Reyes.

"Iím sure, Cyclops," Cecilia Reyes answered. "Nothing personal, but Iím not learnin or doin much in that messed up mansion right now, and everybody has their hands full. I think I can do more good here, and this place will also be better for me."

"Well, Iím staying for tonight, at least," Jean Grey offered. "Just to help you here for awhile, and to visit."

"I donít need a babysitter," Cecilia scowled.

"Good, because I donít like changing diapers anyways," Jean grinned.

"How will you get your things?" Scott asked.

"Well, um, I was gonna teleport her back," Illyana stepped forward. "Just to grab her bag and stuff."

"I donít have much," Cecilia explained.

"Well, itís been great having you, Cecilia," Scott said. "And I hope you do excellently here."

"Thanks," Cecilia waved while a blinding white light teleported her far away.

"Yeíre sure about this, woman?" Sean Cassidy asked.

"Aye, Iím sure, and ifín ye donít get goin, Iíll kick your butt out myself," Moira MacTaggert said. "Now go!"

"See you later, then," Sean said. He walked away slowly.

"Bye, Moira," Jubilee said.

"Gíbye, lass, and-*!" Moira was interrupted by Sean, who suddenly turned around and kissed her passionately.

"Iíll miss ye," Banshee added.

"Well, with a parting line like that, whatís there not to miss?" Moira inquired.

"It was wonderful to see ye, Sam Guthrie," Rahne Sinclair said. "It was wonderful to see all of ye. I miss ye all, but it seems Iíve got a new family now."

"We miss you, too, Rahne, but we understand youíve got a new home," Dani Moonstar added. "And weíre all proud of you."

"That we are, Rahney," Sam gushed. "That we are."

"This unit would, uh, like to extend itís thanks and gratitude for, uh, well," Douglock blabbered.

"Just say, ĎIt was nice ta meet ye.í, Douglock," Rahne finished for him.

"Well, it was nice ta meet ye," Douglock grinned. "Good day."

"It was nice to meet you, Robert," Amanda Sefton laughed.

"Please, please, Bobby," Bobby Drake insisted. "Youíll ruin my image with a name like Robert."

"Oh, and what image is that?" Amanda smiled.

"I donít know, but Iíll get back to you when I find out," Bobby replied.

"You wonít be getting back to anyone if you keep flirting with my girlfriend, Robert," Nightcrawler glowered, putting his arms around Amanda.

"Oh! Bobby! Here comes Kurt! Letís stop talking about the illicit affair weíve been having, okay?" Amanda pantomimed.

"Humor will get you nowhere," Kurt said, while tickling Amandaís ribcage.

"Ah! Ah! I surrender, I surrender!" Amanda cried out.

"Ugh," Bobby commented. "I surrender my dinner."

"Now, stop worrying about my boorish brother," Betsy Braddock ordered, "and starting living life again."

"I will, Betsy, I promise," Meggan said.

"Thatís good to here. Men arenít worth all this trouble anyways," Betsy pointed out.

"Hey, what about me?" Warren Worthington whined.

"Oh, itís true," Betsy winked at Meggan and walked away while Warren continued to complain.

Pretty soon, everyone was gone, taking whatever boat or plane or transportation device back home, and Muir Island began to feel quiet again.

With a bright light, Cecilia Reyes returned. Her new teammates all turned and looked at her. "Well, Cecilia," Kitty started. "Welcome to Excalibur!"

"Gee, thanks," she smiled.

"Hey, not Pete wonít be the only bitter sarcastic one," Kitty realized.

"Bitter?!" Cecilia cried out.

"Sarcastic?!" Pete cried out.

Kitty laughed, and Pete scowled.

I think Iím beginning to like this team more already, Cecilia thought. It canít be as bad as the X-Men are right now.........At least someone seems to have their head on straight......

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