Most   of   these   characters   are   Marvel's   and   the   one's   that   aren't   are   the   creations   of   other   fanfiction   authors.      The   only   thing   that   belongs   to   me   in   this   story   is   the   idea   of   the   mound.      Now     that     Marvel     can't     sue,     I     also     took     a     little     of     the     beginning     of     "Subreality     Cafe:     Kid's     Night     Out"     by     Min     Heng.          I     was     inspired.          I     wrote     this     story     in     the     memory     of     a     bird     that     I     found     in     the     park     one     day,     she     was     poisoned     and     died.    

Vengeance in the Subreality Cafe

  Two tired and one not so tired
 X-Men trudged along the 
path to the Subreality Cafe, 
their one rest between fan-fic 
 "Gosh, Ah'm tired - stiff!"  Rogue complained.
 "Don't tell me, ma chere."  Gambit
 was dragging his feet 
beside her.  "Gambit's going strong and
 I love doin' it wid 
but so many?"  That last part came
 out as a squeak.
 "Ah mean the secret agent one was kind a cool-"
 "So's dat western one-"
 "Only because you got to play Zorro and dupe
 Lila with it, sucker.  But what about the
 one where I had brains-"
 "Or dey beautiful one where I had only
 ten years wid you-"
    They had to admit there were some good times.
 "Still-" The both of them echoed in unison and 
 Hank McCoy, the third member of their party
 chimed in, "I on my part, crave a 
new leash for my personal life. 
 Trish has been delegated as Trash and
 Siku appears to me as so many incarnations
 that's a wonder I'm not suffering an identity
 crisis for her."
 "A father's got to be proud of his little
 girl, but hey, UP THERE!"  He raised his voice ,
 looking at the sky.  "I'm 
hoping if I can just have more of a 
life to lead?"
    Everyone's got to agree that they 
were really hard used 
by those fan-fic writers.  This time they
 all gave a big 
sigh as they covered the last steps to
 the door.
    The bouncer was there as usual but 
he was dressed differently today.  And sadly,
 it must be whispered that he could do
 with a little dignification.  He had on a green 
party hat and a red - white stripped vest.
  Pinned to his breast pocket was a big 
cardboard tag with the words "Mr. Welcome"
 on it.  But the most incongruous part of his 
costume was a metal detector he carried in
 his right hand.
 Resisting the impulse to laugh,
Rogue asked, "Yah got to 
be the new mascot for the change
in hospitality policies, sugah?"
 He gave her a sour growl.  
"It's Kid's Night out, Stripes. 
All the children of the X-Men
 are holding a gathering tonight."
 "Wat's wid dey metal detector?"
 "Some of these buggers come
 from alternate futures where they own
 their own personal street gangs."  He pointed 
to the pile of pistols, shotguns, 
lasers, and rocket launchers in the corner;
 there was enough to equip a small army. 
"Look at the stuff they got.  Maybe you should
 guide them a bit, huh?"
 "I'm afraid it's out of our jurisdiction,
 old friend. These kids belong to
 writers of the Projected Pessimism 
Movement.  And we're either dead or hiding
 in those stories."
    Rogue didn't know what to expect
when she opened the door.  
She certainly wasn't anticipating any the 
extremely warm receptions.
    Ten pairs of eyes, in the predominant colors
 of green and glowing red, looked up at her
 entrance and promptly went, "Mommy!"
 "Oh mah Lowd!  So many!"
 Hank snickered beside her, 
"I can see that the both of you have been 
very busy.   Thank God I've only got 
one daughter even if I do need a schedule
 to keep track of her ages."
 "Dis be no time for joking, mon ami. 
 Hey cherie, I don' remember dat one!"
 "That's because it's Jimmy, stupid.
  Mah son with Magneto. Wait a minute
 he's no fan-fic!"
 "And de other one?"
 "It's Cory.  Yah went MIA for severial years
 and he grew up.  Now what's up with 
that little boy?"
 "It's my son wid Belle-"
 "Who's Belle?"
 "Who's Belle?  You remember her, de crazy blonde."
 "Sugah, half the stories you're in have 
a crazy blonde. Yah got to be a bit more exact."
    As Remy tries to explain this to Rogue,
 neither of them notice one of the children
 coming out of the pack that stood before them.  
    He went toward the bickering duo,
 who seemed to be giants compared to himself.
  Of course that may be because the last time
 we seen him was at the one month mark.  Now he
 was older, a lot taller, and trying to get their 
    The boy first approached Gambit
 and began to jump up and down but
 it was done in vain, no response.  He blew his 
long brown hair out of his eyes and went
 toward Rogue and began to pull on her jacket.
 "Like dis going to work!  She can't feel me 
pulling...".....  Then as if a bolt of 
lightning hit him.  "I  got dis link thing going 
on and I'm doing dis?"

    He began to float up, and now he was 
eye level with the both of them.  He still 
went unnoticed, that is of course until
 he took hold of an empty beer can.


    The whole cafe turned and looked at the floating boy.

 "Why did you do that?" shouted  Scott 
as he emerged from the Summer's clan reunion.

 "It was de only way I could get dem to see me, alright? 
You know how rude des two can get!"  
The last part there, trying to get at of
 one of thoses famous Summer's lectures.

 "Finally someone has heard what I've
 been saying all this time,"  Scott proclaimed
 as his image became lost in the 

    The boy turned and faced Remy and Rogue.
  Rogue looked at the  child's name tag and
 leaned over to Remy.....

 "Jean Luc?"

 "King of Thieves, remember dat one chere?"


 "Den you do remember Belle!"

 "Not with your kid."

    Remy fell silent not wanting to explain.

 "If you two had let me talk, I would have
 told you dat some people want to speak wid Poppa."

 "Who would they be, sugah?"

 "Well you just talked about one, and the 
others.......well...."  His words fell short
 as he pointed to one of the dark corners.
    Gambit's eyes followed Jean Luc's finger
 and almost developed a heart attack
 because of what he saw.  Luckliy, the heart attack
 didn't come, just a fainting spell.

 After he awoke.  "Rogue you don' see what I see,
 do you?"

 "If you're seeing five different Belle's 
from five differnt stories, then yes."

 "I was hoping you didn'."

    Little Jean Luc lead both of them
 to the waiting blondes.  Gambit praised the saints
 as he came closer that Rogue was with him.
  One Belle he could take, maybe two but not five.

 "Here is dat boy's mother."  Jean Luc pointed to
 the boy staring at the card.  The same boy
 who had started the whole mess.
 After a few minutes of conversing with her.
  "At least she isn't as insane as 
the one from 'King of Thieves'...."

 "Rogue maybe we shouldn't be talking about her."

 "And why not?  Because you got her sentenced
 to the Death Row?"

 "Non.  'Cause she over dere.........."

The Summer's Clan began to act up, again. The Nathans and the Nathans - to - be were now at war with each other. Why? Because they wanted to fight, okay? The numerous reincarnations of Rachel, not to mention the fifteen Jeans that have come to exist because of her many death scenes could not control the warring parties. Of course Scott trying to get a hold of the blue doctor's throat because of a brief fling with his wife wasn't making their job any easier. The only calm, not to mention sane one of the group was old Corsair, who was now sipping on his drink, trying to get drunk, and forget he was related to any of them. "Look at this! This is almost worse than when the X-force kids got drunk in here!...." Logan hearing the bartender called Beast away from the hostile clan. Beast sat himself now next to his friend and ordered himself something to drink. The little Canadian gasped in astonishment and held back his laughter. "You give ME lectures about beer and my liver, then turn around and chug them right down... and we used to call you 'The Good Doctor!'" "It's been a stressful day Logan." "Not as stressful as the Cajun's." "He'll live." "They've been acting up since the comet came passed the place." The little Canadian chuckled as he pointed to the Clan. "Seems to me that there are many strange things taking place around here." "What are you getting at Smurfy?" "Don't call me Smurfy Jubilee, and how did you get in here?" "Through the door Fuzzy. How'd you think I got in?" "My name is not fuzzy and Wolverine stop laughing. It's not funny!" "Not to you blue boy." "Now I'm being double teamed! Oh well, as I was venturing to the Cafe I noticed this strange mound. I guessed it was from some sort of ancient ceremony but what ancient people could have created it?" As Hank's words comes to an end, the bartender begins to intervene in the conversation. "A mound? With a gray stone in front of it?" "You know of it, who constructed such a structure?" "The writers, who else?" "Why did the writers construct such a structure? "No one knows why. They just did." "Well..... what.. does... it do?" "Jubilee don't talk with your mouth full!" "It is an entrance from the world of comic books to the world of fanfiction." "The real world? Where what happens is final, well forgetting about Jean?" "Yeah but don't worry about it. No one ever uses it, and besides, you have to be a fan-fic to get in here."

A sound could be heard much like the vibrating of an old washing machine. The gray stone began to shake and turn white. From the whiteness it became a doorway, a shadowed figure then emerged from it. All went dark again. The shadow dusted itself off and headed for the Cafe. Silently it went to the trees, a method a lot faster than trudging through the mud. Not a sound was heard as it came into the clearing. Leaping down it went toward the door, only to be stopped by the bouncer. "Knew it wouldn' be too easy. Get out of my way, mon ami!" "Sorry I can't let you in, I don't believe that you're a fan-fic and they are only premitted in." "And I can't believe you're a bouncer but I'm not complaining. Wat would it hurt to just let me get away wid it?" "Sorry, I can't" "Oh well...... mercy anyway." The figure turned and went back into the woods, but not to far though, just far enough not to be seen. Looking around, the bouncer relaxed and fell back into his chair. He picked up his magazine and began to read. That was the shade's cue, tree to tree, with the slighest effort, then climbed to the top of the roof. From there it leaped at the relaxed bouncer. "Sorry for dis...." It slipped a cord around the bouncer's neck ".......but you wouldn't let me in." The bouncer deprived of air went down to his knees then lost consciousness. "Consider yourself lucky hommes, my Cajun mind realized dis place be needing a bouncer to keep all de freaks out, well besides me dat is..... Look at all dese goodies! WOW! Never seen dis much stuff in my life."

The blue doctor joked. "Well that's a good thing that no ones uses it. Imagine two Jubilee?" "Come on Wolvie, come out here! It wouldn't be all that bad to have two of me!" "I've thought of a lot of horrible things in my life time, but nothing can ever top that! Nothing!!!!!!!"

"Rogue it wasn' dat bad, none of dem tried to kill me, just gave me dirty looks." "Remy that's because they couldn't reach you! Yah stood ten feet away from all of them." "Not being able to kill me... ... dat not a good thing?..." The door slammed opened. All went quiet in the cafe, all eyes on the figure that stood in the door way, accompanied by the king of guns, winner of the Cable and Bishop award. "I'm not seeing dis, I'm not seeing dis-" Remy's chant became more rapid as the figure approached, until it's path began to head toward Rogue. "Stay away from her!" The figure continued on, ignoring him. "Sugah, Ah can take care of myself, thank you." The figure stopped in front of her, keeping just enough room inbetween them to maneuver the gun. The figure readied the weapon, then aimed it. Remy now ignored Rogue's earlier statement, "Belladonna Bordreaux, I'm warning you! Get away from her!" She ignored him again, but this time lowered the weapon. "Rogue, can you please move, you're blocking my shot." Hearing that, Gambit needed to sit down. Stunned and speechless, not to mention confused. Rogue still had the capability to speak so... "You're not, going to kill me and Remy?..." "Sorry not to today. Today they are my targets." The blonde assassin pointed over Rogue's shoulder at the corner where the five other Belle's stood. "Them? You're fanfiction counter - parts?" "Oui." "But why?" In a calm voice she explained. "I'm sick and tired of my character being destroyed, now if you would be excusing me.." Quietly she went around the confused Rogue and stood before the first of the five Belle's. Each wore a name tag stating which story they were from. After reading the first tag she addressed Belle #1. "So, you're supposed to be me, from de story, 'De Christmas Gambit' ?" "Well, yes...." "Good. I've been wanting to ask if anything is wrong wid you?" "No! Why would you think dat?" "Cause you got no respect for yourself. Taking orders FROM a KID, to leave YOUR HOME, on CHRISTMAS EVE... you're de leader not him! "Yeah, but-" BANG! "Wat do you think you're doin'?" "Don't speak, you're worse dan she was! 'I hope Poppa buys me a new dress!' You make me sick to be me! If you don' like it, go run to you're little room and cry! Non.. actually keep standing dere." BANG! "Why do you do dat?" "Cause she was stupid in 'Choices' ,rain girl!" One of the children lurked over, stepping over the Belle from "The Christmas Gambit"s body. "You can't talk to my Mommy like dat!" Belladonna turned and gazed upon the child that now stood before her. She quickly, to the best of her ability, hid the gun from the child's view. Then she knelt down, making sure she was eye to eye with the boy. In a soft voice she asked, "Petite, have you ever played a game wid your Daddy before? Non? Why don't you go play wid him now?" "Daddy, Daddy, let's go play a game...." "Cute kid, back to you. Afraid of the rain? You're an assassin, a really good one at dat! De best of de best and you're afraid of water dat falls from de sky?....." BANG! Looking down at the body that just went crashing down to the floor she whispered to herself, "Maybe I shouldn' have killed dat one, wid de kid and all." "I knew you were a lot like me, not like de others." The quiet moment quickly passed as Belle #4 spoke. She faced the forth of the group and decided that there would be no sympathy for this one. "My ears are now insulted." "Why? If we weren't de same person..." "We ain't de same person-" "Of course we are!" "No we ain't. You may look like me and you may talk like me, but dat as far as it goes!" "But-" "Look here, I kill people and den maybe rob dem afterwards. Dose things I'm proud of, and dey don't pass de line. Kidnapping an infant and rape are far on de other side of dat same line! Dat's why you be dying!" "But-" BANG! "Now you're going to kill me, right? If you are, den shoot me from where you stand." "Hold on, I'm not sure if I'm going to shoot you just yet. I'd to tell you, but de Good Lord would have to come down, and tell me what your name tag says." "It says 'De Goodrun.' De bouncer wrote it, horrible writing." "De Goodrun? Is dat de one where I, meaning you planted cocaine on de guy, so the cops would arrest him?" "Oui." "If dat de case, den no. I liked you in dat story." Now with her work done, she stepped over the four bodies, each one bringing a bigger smile to her face, and headed toward the door humming to herself. The gun resting over her shoulder she told herself, "Dat was ma good deed for de year." As the thought came to a close so did the door.

Jubilee, who had witnessed everything unfold whispered to herself, " 'No one uses it, and besides, you have to be a fan-fic to get in here' Yeah right!"

Want to know why this little spawn thought vengeance was needed?

I always thought Belladonna would be a tomboy. I just can't believe that an assassin: could be really girly. I didn't think it went with the job. I also thought she would be kind of quiet. Come on, she hung out with Remy LeBeau, Mr. I Can't Shut Up, himself! How many words do you
think she could have said with that man? My guess? Since she could always use the threat : "You know I could kill you and not get in trouble for it?" I'd say a good amount but not a monalogue.
In "Choices": she is both the extremely girlish type and a speech writer.
"A Fairy Tale": ummmmmm, I just don't think a born and raised assassin would get scared and freaked out that easily.
In "King of Thieves" Belle seems to lack the ability to know right from wrong. I thought she would : have some morals, not normal ones, but some. Old Rem may not be the best judge of character but he's not bad enough to be friends with someone who doesn't have the so to speak "line to cross."
Here it is! The story I took the beginning of! "The Subreality Cafe: Kid's Night Out" by Min Heng.: Read the story that gave birth to this one! While your at it, read the ones that I tried to FIX, not to MOCK! That's why I linked all of them! Go ahead, start clicking!
I know some of you may not like what I just wrote. : Fine here's what you can do. "Y' c'n fight for what y' wan', an' damn anybody dat say no, or y' c'n crawl into a lil'l hole an wait 'til de giants pass y' by." This means you don't like it? Tell me.

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