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fwelc1.gif (3241 bytes) To the Clean Up the Unions in Local Government Campaign 2001

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and keep your kneecaps 

even IF they are IN your hands

The Executive Committee Working on Policy Shown Above


With all the hullabaloo about Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace , and these perennial complainers ringing up our office about inappropriate behavior from Union Representatives , be they paid or elected , we have been really pissed off , and our secretaries have not had the required time to coiffeur their hair and manicure their nails leaving them a bit bedraggled when attending the bosses functions. We have by executive decision created another "Party Hack" , position of Grievance Officer . The only applicant was Freddie Pottinger , whom we immediately appointed (See Portrait above)

There may be some delays in responding to complaints, as Fred is Visually Challenged, particularly on complaints about "Part Hacks." But do not be discouraged, as your inquiries will be eventually answered.

You may email your complaints to



There have been many allegations of Union Delegates selling out members conditions for self enhancement, or taking bribes Freddie has looked into this and has yet seen nothing to substantiate these allegations. There have been also allegations of intimidation of non-union employees, again Freddie has seen nothing. So we will not be investigating these allegations any further.

As for our association with some Local Government Councillors , this is all above board , and if there were any political donations they were all accounted for , and Fred will issue a report on this when he finds it , the dog has chewed it up and buried it.

Which bring us to this emotional issue  , Fred makes an emotional appeal for the return of his dog : It has two , Ears , Two Eyes , Four Legs , Barks and answers to the name of "Deefer" , that is D fer Dog!

Is this what Deefer the Dog is digging for , and its not in  a brown paper bag?




Visit Resignation.htm , for a print out form.

Visit Deductions.htm , for a print out form.


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Below is a Bill and Ben Story

God Ben , that sweet and sour special  meal we had a lunch time , made me so energetic I could almost howl at the moon.

I might Contact the Employee Advocate Its a free number "1300 366 632

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