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"My littlest dog, "Beenie"
If people saw how the meat they buy got to their local markets, most would give up eating it immediately. Factory farmed food animals suffer the most horrifying lives and death and are not raised with our health in mind just the bottom line...meaning GREED! Please go to Cruelty to Animals: Mechanized Madness and be an informed meat eater. Or, better yet, make the decision to become a vegetarian. (see below)

"Chew On This" video

The animals who share this earth with us
don't have much of a chance with all the ways man can think of to
torture and torment them. Cats are so maligned and there is no sense
in it. The only time a cat is a problem is
when in heat or on the prowl.....But we all know that should
never happen to our pets, right? A neutered cat is just like
a dog, the most loving, loyal creature. They don't roam, they love their
homes and they stay there.

Below, see some MONSTERS! It appears the connection between serial killers and animal abuse is proven. I have only researched a tiny percent of these killers and as children they were brutal to those smaller and weaker than themselves. Mostly being pets. Torturing an murdering when they aren't even angry at the victim. Then they grow up and are able to kill people that they are not angry with either. They kill just for the thrill of it, which as a normal, sane person I just cannot understand. I think if a child is found abusing animals it should be reported and that child should be made to understand how abnormal and wrong it is and get whatever it is they are lacking to stop it before it goes any further. Unless, of course, what it is they are lacking is a heart and a soul. Sometimes I wonder because I know they either lack something I have or they have something I certainly do not want in my mind, my heart or my soul. Seems they aren't even human beings to do the things they do. So, I present, the monsters I have found in just about an hour and a half. Not hard, they're out there. Animal abusers, all.

OK a few songs first, then I promise...THE MONSTERS!!


"Outlaw You" by Shooter Jennings

I get home from a long day, put on the radio
Lookin' for some country soul, but I don't find it, no
It's a dirt road free for all, some old boys sayin' they're outlaws,
They dress the part and they talk the talk
You know they've been taught to walk the walk
These boys think they're tough like they been robbin' banks
Cause they name drop Johnny Cash and they name drop poor old Hank

Hey pretty boy in the baseball hat
You couldn't hit country with a baseball bat
Country ain't just about where you're at
It's about bein' true to what's inside
You say you're an outlaw with your perfect boots
That you got from your record label's image group
Sing another man's song with a big drum loop
Listen, son, you ain't got a clue
You can't buy true, tell you what they should do
They should outlaw you

Let me paint a picture for you, Nashville in '62
The formula had proven true, they didn't let nothing new through
When Waylon came to town, they didn't like his original sound
They tried hard to keep him down, they tried hard to starve him out
But he kept playin' shows and pressin' on, chippin' away, song by song
After years and years of strugglin' strong, he got his chance and he took it to #1

With "This Time" back in '74, with his band in the back and 4 on the floor
That one record busted down the door and the record labels had the control no more
Then in '76 came the Outlaws record, sold the first million in country music ever
Those old boys with long hair and braids stayed true to their sound and freed the slaves
And all these years later, the suits got back their grip
They took the outlaw concept and they fuckin' re-packaged it
And there's a million Ol Waylon fans
Singin' "Don't y'all think this outlaw bit has gotten way out of hand"

Hey pretty boy in your cowboy hat
You couldn't hit country with a baseball bat
Country ain't just about where you're at
It's about bein' true to what's inside
You say you're an outlaw with your perfect boots
That you got from your record label's image group
Sing another man's song with a big drum loop
Listen, son, you ain't got a clue
You can't buy true, tell you what they should do
They should outlaw you
They should outlaw you

Hey pretty boy in the baseball hat
You couldn't hit country with a baseball bat
Country ain't just about where you're at
It's about bein' true to what's inside
You say you're an outlaw with your perfect boots
That you got from your record label's image group
Sing another man's song with a big drum loop
Listen, man, you ain't got a clue
You can't buy true, tell you what they should do
They should outlaw you

The Animal House
My dogs again & links
to my other pets!
If people saw how the meat they buy got to
their local markets, most would give up eating it immediately. Factory farmed food
animals suffer the most horrifying lives
and death and are not raised with our health in mind just the
bottom line...meaning GREED!

Please go to Cruelty to Animals: Mechanized Madness
and be an informed meat eater.
Or, better yet, make the decision to become a vegetarian. (see below)

"Chew On This" video

Albert DeSalvo: Serial Killer, Rapist

The self-confessed "Boston Strangler" who killed thirteen women in 1962-3 and was sentenced to life imprisonment. In his youth, trapped dogs and cats in orange crates and shot arrows through the boxes. Awwww, wassa matter? Bored? No friends? 
Wonder why, you MONSTER!!

Edmund Emil Kemper lll: Serial Killer, Cannibal

Convicted in 1973 on eight counts of first-degree murder for killing eight women, including his mother. At thirteen he killed neighborhood cats and put their heads on poles. He sliced off the top of a cat's head with a machete, decapitated another one then killed his own cat, burying it alive, then dug it up and cut the animal into small pieces. He would later cut his own mother into pieces after killing her.   "Practice makes perfect, eh?"  Glad I never ran into this MONSTER!

David Berkowitz: Serial Killer

New York City's "Son of Sam", gunman who pleaded guilty to thirteen murder and attempted murder charges, abused neighborhood dogs and shot a neighbor's Labrador retriever because, Berkowitz claimed, the dog was the "spiritual force" that compelled him to kill. Where do all these sick, evil people come from? Newsflash! Berkowitz has now become a Christian Hope he doesn't hear Jesus telling him to kill. In case anyone is interested, the maniac turned Christian and has created a Website from his prison home. Called "Arise and Shine" , you will find it here: Click Here   Ewwww, MONSTER!

Brenda Spencer: Mass Murderer

Fired forty shots from a rifle at arriving San Diego school children, fatally wounding two and injuring nine others. During the subsequent investigation, neighbors informed police that Ms. Spencer had repeatedly abused dogs and cats, often by setting their tails on fire.  Kids and pets huh?  Sure go after those weaker than you and who can't help themselves, you MONSTER!

Carroll Edward Cole: Serial Killer

One of the most prolific killers in modern history, was executed in December of 1985 for five of the thirty-five murders of which he was accused. Mr. Cole had said that his first act of violence as a child was to strangle a puppy.  I guess anyone who can strangle a puppy can slaughter 35 people, like this MONSTER!!

Gary Leon Ridgway: Serial Killer, Rapist, Necrophiliac

Confessed to killing at least 90 young women from 1982 and 2001, most in 1982 and 1983. Convicted of 49 of these murders after pleading guilty and agreeing to tell where he dumped his victims, to avoid the death penalty. Admitted to suffocating a cat as a child and stabbing a six year old boy when he was sixteen. Creepy MONSTER!

"Sociopaths are born not made and need to be stopped at the first signs that they feel no pain other than their own. They have no empathy for the feelings of any other living creature." Now that all states have laws making some forms of animal abuse/cruelty a felony, the FBI is now making it a priority to keep records on people arrested for it. Children and adults are subject to this. All law enforcement now realizes that children who abuse pets purposely grow up to be people who can abuse, torture and kill people.

James Huberty: Mass Murderer

In 1984, Huberty was shot by police after killing twenty-one children and adults at a McDonalds restaurant in San Ysidro, California. As a teenager, Huberty had been accused of having shot his neighbor's dog with an airgun.  Sniped them he did, just like the sneaky MONSTER he was as a child!

Jeffrey L. Dahmer: Serial Killer, Sexual Deviant, Cannibal

Dahmer confessed to killing, dismembering and, in some cases, cannibalizing, 17 men and boys. As a child, Dahmer impaled frogs, decapitated dogs, and staked cats to trees in his backyard. Dahmer was convicted to death but before the sentence was carried out he was killed by another inmate in 1994.
 You are just one scary, scary MONSTER!

Theodore Robert  "Ted"  Bundy:  Serial Killer, Rapist

Bundy killed numerous females who looked like a woman for whom he had a passion. In the 1970s he brought fear to college campuses in many states after killing 3 women in the Chi Omega sorority house in Florida State University. He was ultimately convicted of two killings, but is suspected of murdering over 40 females, primarily in the northwest. During his childhood he witnessed his father's brutality toward animals and he himself tortured animals. Ted Bundy died in the electric chair at Raiford Prison in Starke, Florida, on January 24, 1989. He was most deserving of his punishment. It's just too bad it took so long and he was able to live so much longer than his victims. In Bundy's last interview before his death he blamed what he did on pornography. Can't say I know any other men who read Playboy or watch a skin flick now and then, who kill women, rape them and then go back and do it again when they are DEAD!  In fact I've never seen necrophiliac porn!  (Oh, just admit being one sick bastard, you MONSTER!!)

Richard Allen Davis:

Convicted killer and rapist of 12 year old Polly Klaas. Davis was charged with kidnapping Polly Klaas, 12, from her own bedroom in her home, then raping and strangling her to death. As a 14-year-old he set cats on fire and used dogs as targets to practice knife-throwing. In 1993 he was charged with the shooting death of Marlene Voris 20 years old. "When he was little it was animals. When he got bigger it was people." said Zak Backet, a neighbor.  We all know what you are and we flip you off right back, MONSTER!!

Earl Kenneth Shriner: Sexual Predator, Killer, and Rapist

Shriner used threats to lure a 7-year-old boy into a wooded area in Washington state where he raped him, cut off his penis, choked him, stabbed him in the back and neck, and left him for dead. At the age of 16, he confessed to the killing of a teen-age girl. Police say he "was a man who put firecrackers in the anuses of dogs and strung up cats." He was committed to a state mental hospital after several incidents, including the slaughter of nearly two dozen chickens.    Maybe if someone would cut off his penis and shove some fireworks up his ass he would look more like what he is, a MONSTER!!

Eric Smith: Adolescent Killer of 4-year-old boy

When Eric Smith was 13 years old, he bludgeoned 4-year-old Derrick Robic to death and was charged with murder. Four years prior to the killing of Derrick, Smith killed the neighbor's cat with a garden hose. There are no specific reasons why he killed the little boy or the cat.
 A teen who is now being considered for release, but nonetheless to little Derrick he is a MONSTER!

Thomas Lee Dillon: Murderer and Suspected Serial Killer

Dillion is said to be a serial killer. Dillion admitted to the shooting of Gary Bradley in 1992, while both were hunting. Dillion, an ardent hunter who also boasted of killing more than 1000 animals in illegal drive-by-shootings, is serving a life sentence in Ohio on five murder convictions.   Oh, oh, oh, oh my yes he is a MONSTER!!!

Michael Wayne Echols (18), Jessie Lloyd Misskelley Jr. (17), Charles Jason Baldwin (16)

 Mistaken for MONSTERS!!

These three teenage boys were arrested in 1993 for the brutal murder of three 8-year-old boys in West Memphis. The three young boys were lured into the woods, beaten into unconsciousness, one was sexually mutilated, another raped, and all three killed. For some time prior to the killing, the three teenagers were involved in satanic-type rituals. During an initiation ceremony they killed dogs, skinned them, and ate their flesh. Echols was also carrying the head of a cat with him.

>>>>>>>>>Following a successful decision in 2010 by the Arkansas Supreme Court regarding newly produced DNA evidence, the West Memphis Three reached a deal with prosecutors. On August 19, 2011, they entered Alford pleas, which allow them to assert their innocence while acknowledging that prosecutors have enough evidence to convict them. Judge David Laser accepted the pleas and sentenced the three to time served. They were released with ten-year suspended sentences, having served 18 years and 78 days in prison. 

Michael Cartier: Stalker and Murderer

In 1992, Cartier stalked and killed Kristen Lardner in Boston, Massachusetts and then killed himself. In a prior relationship, Cartier held his girlfriend's kitten under a hot shower and then shaved all its hair off. Later he hurled it through a fourth floor window to its death. For more information, see "The Stalking of Kristen" by George Lardner.  Selfish, jealous, cowardly MONSTER!

Keith Jesperson: Serial Murderer and Rapist

Jesperson is presently in prison in Washington state, convicted of 3 murders. Jesperson was dubbed the "Happy Face Killer" by authorities after he started sending neatly printed letters to the media with happy faces drawn at the top in which he boasted of his deeds. He has claimed a total of 166 victims.
Jesperson attributed the onset of his compulsion to kill to his history of killing dozens of cats and other small animals.  Feel sorry for his daughter when she found out her daddy was a MONSTER!!

Jason Massey: Murderer and Rapist

At the age of 20, Massey killed, mutilated and beheaded a thirteen-year-old girl and shot her fourteen-year-old step-brother. The young girl had been sexually mutilated and disemboweled. As a teenager, Massey often cut the heads off dogs and cats and carried them around in a rusty metal cooler. He called these animals heads his "trophies." He is also suspected of killing and mutilating a calf.
What a super sick MONSTER!

Andrew Cunanan: Spree Killer and Murderer of beloved designer, Versace.

In 1997 Cunanan was suspected of killing five people, before taking his own life on a houseboat in Miami. An ex-roommate of Cunanan's saw him gather crabs at the beach, light a match and burn the eyes out. Cunanan watched the burned area sizzle and then let them go.
All before killing Versace, what a MONSTER!

Luke Woodham: Mass Murderer


Teenager Luke Woodham is accused of stabbing his mother to death and shooting nine high school students in Pearl, Mississippi in 1997. Two of the nine students died, including Woodham's ex-girlfriend. Authorities in Pearl found evidence of a secret society involved in satanic worship and subsequently arrested six more teenagers, on the suspicion they planned to kill again. Members of this society tortured and killed Woodhams' dog "Sparkle." Woodham led the assault. After brutally beating Sparkle, they set her on fire. Woodham's diary reads, "We sprayed fluid down her throat. Her neck caught on fire inside and out. It was true beauty."
These idiots videotaped the torture killing of the little dog, which took over an hour. 
Later, they played the tape for some friends and relived their "wonderful" adventure.
I just cannot comprehend such violence and brutality. Especially when you are not even mad at the victim. What could possibly make someone want to cause pain, suffering and death to another living creature that never did anything to them. Just for fun! I do believe I could become pretty irate if I ever came across such a horrendous situation, and would probably be enraged enough by it that I might go temporarily "mad" and be capable of things I could never do in every day, normal life. It sounds weird to me, but the only thing that could bring me to the point of violence is seeing someone or some animal being brutalized with no chance of fighting back. I would lose my mind! And that, my friends, is temporary insanity. Because if I had to witness some of the terrorfying things I have heard about or read about, I know I would go nuts......and just hope I was able to come back!

I certainly hope that in no way, shape or form they would be considered "normal".
If that could be true....I am surely insane!
I have seen the video and this is my most hated MONSTER!!

Personal Note:

I watched a program today on the "nightstalker", Richard Ramirez. He was the guy who snuck in to peoples' homes at night and raped and killed them. Young women, elderly women, couples...he was not a discriminating monster. Anyway, they were telling about how he would crawl through windows, or break in back doors to gain entry to the homes and apartments. Well, think about this...I believe all of his victims would be alive today had they had a dog or two inside their house. I have 12 dogs myself. Mostly little ones, but two big ones too and they all sleep in my bedroom, most on the bed. There is absolutely no way anyone could break into my house. If someone was stupid enough to try, after hearing my dogs, they would never make it to me. The dogs would be on them as soon as they got in. And my dogs are not vicious. But they will protect me and they do know when a stranger is around. People need to have dogs. Even little dogs will at least wake you up so you have a chance to defend yourself. Dogs go crazy when they think their master is in any kind of danger and will do whatever they can to protect them.
Just another good reason to have "man's best friend" around.
Because they really are!


All around L.A. people were buying thousands of guns, and thousands of dogs during the nightstalker's reign of terror.
A gun is good, however, ya gotta be awake to use it. If you're awake and ready for an attack, yes, a gun is good protection. But, if you have somethng in the house that is always ready and willing to do whatever is needed to protect its' master, ya may never get the chance to use the gun. Dogs will wake their owner if danger is lurking.
(Of course, people who get dogs and then make 'em live in the backyard would only be protected if they were sleeping in the yard. One's "best friend" needs to be where it's master is in order to protect them.)
Another Richard Ramirez, Ted Bundy etc. could pop up at any time. Why wait until one pops in to visit at three in the AM? All people need is a dog that loves them, and they will be protected from any danger sneaking around. And a dog will love you with almost no effort at all. Feed them and say a kind word now and then and they are hooked. I do advise that they stay in the house, at least at night when a person is so vulnerable to someone who knows exactly how to get in to a house and hurt or kill whoever might be there. In fact, if someone is planning an attack they usually case a house first. I know they would pass right on by my house! I don't think they would ever choose to go into an armed home. They are sneaking in to do their dirty deeds, not to get stopped before they get started. They aren't trying to get caught....not by the dog, the resident or the police.


Sure would have put a crimp in Ramirez' style if all his intended victims were loaded for bear with dogs, like I am! That kind of victim I will never be, to any monsterous killer. First, my dogs, then my gun. It just wouldn't be worth their trouble. They either,

1. would never choose me as their prey,
2. get attacked by my dogs and get the hell out of my house, or
3. get shot by me after my dogs have done their job by alerting me to the danger.

Richard Ramirez would not have had the opportunity to be such a monster had he picked my window to crawl through and me to rape and murder! Never woulda happened.  Why?  I got dogs!



Front Sight Free Gun with Gun Training


Here is an example of exactly what I am talking about. This was in the news today, August 31, 2007.

By DAVID EGGERT, Associated Press Writer LANSING, Mich. - A suspected serial killer has been arrested in the deaths of five women in the city in just over a month and he is also connected to an assault on a woman whose dog ran the attacker off, police said. Local, state and federal investigators "have taken a collective sigh of relief," police Lt. Judy Horning said. The man, whose name was not released, was not expected to be charged or arraigned until at least Friday. "The despicable individual responsible for this heinous rampage through our community has been captured," Mayor Virg Bernero said. "Our nightmare is over." Police had been looking for clues and help from the public in five homicides since late July, including two this week, in the state capital, a city of 114,000 about 75 miles northwest of Detroit.
A 56-year-old woman was attacked Tuesday in her home, but her dog heard the commotion and charged the man, who fled. Her injuries were not life threatening.
Police credited her with providing key details that helped focus their investigation and led to a sketch of a suspect, but they declined to discuss the circumstances of the arrest or any motive. Investigators had noted similarities between several of the slayings and a series of unsolved 2003 assaults. The 2003 victims were middle-aged or older women who lived alone, as were a number of the recent homicide victims. Carol Wood, a Lansing City Council member, said her first reaction was one of "guarded relief" that police had identified a suspect in the death of her mother, Ruth Hallman, a 76-year-old community activist who was the first of the five women to be killed. "I'm very hopeful," Wood said. Hallman was found beaten in her home July 26 and died later. The other victims are Deborah Cooke, 36; Debra Renfors, 46; Sandra Eichorn, 64; and Karen Yates, 41. Yates was found Wednesday afternoon by people who had come looking to buy a house. She died two days after Eichorn was found dead in the house she rented. Cooke's body was found Aug. 6 in a park, and Renfors was found dead Aug. 9 in a house. See, ya really need to, GET A DOG!!

I think all of the above monsters need to get straight with their Maker. And after all that horror, I think something beautiful is due. The song in the following video is the only one I've ever heard from Jesus' point of view. I love it so, maybe you will too. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, is our only hope out of this cruel and brutal world and back to the perfection that was Paradise.

GET A DOG!!!!!
Abuse is abuse and animal cruelty leads to other abuse.
Like child abuse, spousal abuse and elder abuse. Cruel,
abusive and neglectful behavior is never a good thing and
never leads to anything good. Evil is evil no matter who it
is perpetrated on and the perpetrator is always doing evil
and can become nothing better than evil unless they stop
the activity and let kindness enter their hearts.

If you want a lot of great ideas on how you can get involved
and help the animals, is to go to the website of the Humane
Society of the United States.
 And be sure to check out their Factsheet on the parallels
between animal cruelty and serial and other killers. 
Another great place to check out is

The Animal Channel
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16 April 1971

31 March 1995
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It would be such a better world if only it were true!

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