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Welcome to A Site dedicated to my pets, past and present. Because of my love for not just my own animals but animals everywhere, I have always been involved with many animal advocacy and welfare groups. There will be information regarding animal rights and lots of links to other sites devoted to animals and their rights as living creatures of God.

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I have thirteen dogs, twelve cats and 2 tree squirrels. (Both my squirrels have passed on since I started this site. They were both 5 years old when they died...6 months apart.) I don't know if I have pictures of everyone, but most of them, I do. This page is a lot of my dogs, but not all of them as a few had to have their own page. (They caught on to what I was doing.) So smart!

Now here we go, check out my babies.

Bernard BEENIE

This is my little "yo quiero Taco Bell?" dog. He loves me very much and sleeps with me always, but I think he was abused before I got him. He strayed to my father-in-law's house when he was only about 2 OR 3 months old. He will not let anyone, including me, pick him up, and when I do hold him and talk to him, he totally ignores me and looks away. I think he is autistic. He does have feelings and is very smart, but he can't or won't accept any love and affection when being held. Very weird little dog he is!


McGoo McGoo2

This is "McGoo". He is so named because he is/was totally blind. Born that way. My husband and I found him living with his mother and a brother as strays in an alley in Tulare, CA.

The people at the apartment complex there told me they were all strays and I could have one if I wanted. I told them that I already had ten dogs and needed no more. But then I saw "McGoo". And his eyes. He had no pupils and no color in his eyes, just a white/blue haze. He had come out from under a bush and had his little nose to the ground, hunting for something to eat.

The first picture of him is about a month after we brought him home. And the other is current. But an amazing thing is happening. The color and the pupil in his right eye is starting to come in somehow. About half the eye is now normal and getting more so everyday. I hope he gets at least some sight in both eyes soon. He is beginning to see a little bit, I can tell because he now barks at things he never saw before. I think only shadows and only on his right side. If you try to give him something straight on or come at him from the front, he doesn't see it, but senses it when about a foot from his face. He has always got around really good with the other dogs. Most people can't believe he is blind. I don't notice either, except the one or two times a day he runs into things, mostly my legs or anything that might have been moved. I have whiplash, really bad, from a car wreck 19 years ago and my back almost always hurts, and when I sleep he lays right behind my back and it seems to relax it and I sleep better. He is an amazing and darling little terrier-mix dog and I love him very much.

Here is where you can find ROCKY and MollyMoo. The separate page was Rocky's idea.

Here's GOOFY. He is poodle and yorkie and he is 5 years old. For a long time, until MollyMoo came, Goofy was the only dog that was not a chihuahua. I think that gave him a complex.

Then there is "ButtMunch". I got him from a friend who took him from a home where he was loved by his owner but was being abused by the owner's son. His name was Pancho and we changed it to Macho Man, and it slowly changed to Munch Man, (he loved to eat everything) then into ButtMunch.

When I first got him, I thought he would die of a broken heart, laying on the couch, looking out the front for his master. But after three days the food, (first), and the love won him over. Now you'd think he was always ours. He is spoiled rotten. He has epileptic seizures due to the abuse, but not too often and he always lets me know and stays real close to me when one is going to occur.

Two years ago he got a huge growth on his top gum. It grew through his teeth and stuck out about an inch. We had it removed when it got to be in his way of eating and started to hurt. It was checked and was not malignant. [[UPDATE]] ButtMunch had a seizure about a week ago that lasted almost 35 minutes. He seemed to start coming out of it about 4 different times and then stiffened up and it continued. It scared me really bad. If anyone has information on the worsening of epileptic seizures in dogs, I would appreciate any I could get.

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DoodleManPreston Foster

And then there is "DoodleMan". He was born on the 4th of July 1993. A lady who breeds chihuahuas gave him to me when I took one of her old lady breeders that she was through with. (Can you tell that I don't go along with the irresponsible breeding of pets?) None of my animals have ever had a litter. Number one, I could never get rid of any of the babies and number two, I couldn't sleep nights if I had animals to make money from them. All my babies, (dogs and cats) are totally worthless (monetarily speaking) and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Anyway, DoodleMan is a typical Cancer male. If you know one, you know what I mean and if you don't, feel lucky. And his clone, Preston, next to him, is the same sign and just like him. He is 2 years old.


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WOW! I almost forgot ROSENBLATT, our golden lab. He was left with me to babysit for a week, and the people didn't return for 2 months. By that time "Rosey" thought he was ours and loved us and all his "brothers and sisters". So, I told the people I had decided to keep him. They didn't put up too much of a fight! He is alot better off with us. He is really a beautiful dog with a very distinguished looking face, which you cannot tell from these pictures. I just can't get a picture of him without a goofball look on his face. But we love him.
Rosy2 Rosy/Moo

MuttMcGoo Here's McGoo Again! Isn't He Getting Pretty?

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To see my two little chihuahua dogs who are not on this page, you must go to Tony's Page. TONY is the male Alpha dog so he thought he needed his own page. "Carrie Boo" is pictured there also. She is the female Alpha dog and the only other female besides MollyMoo. So go see Tony's Page, O.K.? Thanks!

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Come and see my tribute to the beauty, talent and excitement that was "Selena"!



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The following page is now a memorial for a loved dog that was lost to an attack by
a neighbor's dog. It is a great site, and she was a darling dog.
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