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  • No, I do not know where to find Saber Rider videos either on tape or as movie files for computer. For tapes, try eBay if you're desperate. Advertise somewhere. No success guaranteed.
  • No, I will not send you any tapes and/or movie files with Saber Rider episodes in them. I don't have them, and I wouldn't send them if I did, because that's called piracy, kids.
  • I don't update this site anymore. So if something SR-related you're searching for isn't here, then it won't be appearing here.
  • Because of my lack of interest for this site I'm allowing anyone to pick up anything they want from my site and put it up on their own homepages as long as they e-mail me first and remember to display the copyrights and credits in their site.
  • The theme song can be found in MP3 form in the "Fanfic/Art" page. It seems some people haven't found it.
  • General comments about the site should be posted to the Guestbook below.

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