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Welcome to my homepage.

This website is dedicated to the memory of my oldest son, Paul Ray Robinson, 3/28/75-6/25/2002. Victim of homocide. More details below.

Music is the Universal language of the Soul. King David found many times that is would soothe the sheep in his care, and also in it he found a release for his feelings of Praise to God. He also found that it would drive away evil spirits, for example, King Saul sought David out to play for him. The worship of God has always been through singing and open praise to God. However you wish to worship and praise Him, He is worthy of all of it.

I will attempt to draw attention to the various singers and musicians within the ranks of the Apostolic Faith. Although there will be some links that are not, I will primarily be focusing on the Apostolics. It is not my intention to offend anyone, nor to infringe on anyone's copyrighted material. If when browsing this page you don't see someone you know has a link, and if you know of it, please forward it to me.

There are many reasons that the world loves the Apostolic Music. For a more complete commentary on this, don't miss the homepage of Nelson Lawens. That is the NelJo's Pentecostal Music homepage. He puts everything into perspective.

I know there are several pages already in place. I will attempt to link up with them. Be sure and visit Truth Records. They have many Apostolic Artists that I don't have linked.

Being a music lover, I felt a need to make a link to as many of the Apostolics as possible. I hope that my list of links will be beneficial and informative to all who find it.

Some of the Apostolics that I have recordings of but don't have links to include: The Loverns, Ronnie Stoots & Southern Heritage, The Trimbles, Don Johnson, The Terry Wilbanks singers, Upper Room Experience, Atlanta Youth Chorale under the direction of Joy Norris, The Gunns, Kevin Baggett, And I know that there are many more listed in the Pentecostal Publishing House. I don't have URL's for these.

I also wish to thank all who I have contacted and have allowed me to add them as a link to my page. Come back often, as I hope to be adding more to my page, and adding more graphics and stuff like that, as I learn more about it. I hope you don't mind me practicing on you.

I have been blessed recently by the new McGruder song, "From Heaven's Point of View".


More about Pau Robinson

On June 25th, 2002, I was at work, and had gone in early for overtime. The phone in the break room rang, and it was for me. No one usually calls for me at work, unless it's emergency. It was. My oldest son, Paul, in Jackson, MS, a gunsmith, was at work that morning, and during the course of his day, two armed thugs entered the gun shop where he was at work, having lunch, and started shooting when they entered. Paul was hit by two bullets, one on his left shoulder, the other entered his back, angling upwards, and apparently caused the vital organs to hemmorage. Paul died at approximately 12:05 PM of that same day. Paul was a hardworking young man, so polite, and thoughtful. He left behind a fiance`, a brother and sister-in-law, and his grieving parents. This is no phone call any parent should ever get. The kids who killed my son were arrested about 48 hours later. They were 16, 17, and 19 years of age....ordered to be held without bond, then indicted on charges of capital murder and armed robbery. We are awaiting the trial and conviction of these three beasts who took our son from us. We counted over 35 ministers who attended Paul's memorial services, one of which was held in Jackson, MS, and the other was in Oklahoma. Paul was laid to rest at the Madill Cemetary, in Madill, OK. Rev. T. L. Craft, pastor of First Pentecostal Church in Jackson, where Paul attended mostly, said, after seeing the turn-out at the visitation, that "This young man has touched more lives in the five years that he has been in Jackson, MS, that many people are able to touch in a lifetime." This is quite a testimony to Paul Ray Robinson. When Elaine, my wife got the message that Paul had been killed, she was recovering the mother of a young lady that we knew who had been murdered here in Ardmore, several years earlier. In the next cubicle, was a lady minister from a church in the area, who immediately came to her side, as well as the other nurses and co-workers of Elaine's there in the hospital. When we reached Jackson, MS, and were about to get off the airplane, the flight attendant had announced that she hoped everyone would enjoy their stay in Jackson. Elaine told her the reason for our trip, and she wanted to know if it would be OK is she said a prayer for us before she went to bed that night. There was a Black man and his wife across the aisle from us on the trip from Memphis, to Jackson, who identified himself as a minister, Rev. Reginald. L. Walker, from Vicksburg MS, asked if we minded if he prayed with us before we got off the plane. Of course, being Christians, we never turn down anyone who wants to pray for us. His was a simple prayer, that God would heal our hurt, comfort our hearts, and that the evil people who did this to our son would be caught and brought to swift justice. Within 48 hours, they were in jail. Since we hadn't planned to do anything but bring Paul back to Oklahoma, we didn't bring any "church" clothes, just one change....we weren't going to be there that long. But when we saw the outpouring of care and concern toward us and the rest of the family, (Paul's aunt Diane, and Cousin David who live in Jackson), we couldn't take him home without having a memorial service for his friends in Mississippi. We had to go shopping for clothing to wear to the funeral, and when we entered the Barry's Men's Store in Jackson, MS, the Hiway 18 shop, as we were about to leave, a minister and his wife entered, someone who was known by my Sister-in-law, Diane. She remembered that their son had been killed about 4 years earlier, and that they had walked where we were at the time. They turned out to be great friends as well. God bless you, Bro. & Sis Fred Parker, from Pelahachie, MS. God caused our paths to cross for a reason. We brought Paul back to Oklahoma for his final funeral and burial, and the funeral chapel in Madill, OK was packed to capacity. There were probably more than 350 people jam-packed into the auditorium and hall-ways of the chapel. God let us see the outpouring of love toward us, and gave us several confirmations concerning Paul. We were priveleged to be able to meet a great family, The Dunaway's, during this time, as well. I had heard their song, "He Kissed My Heartache" being played on Solid Gospel, and having heard that they were going to be in the Jackson Area when we went back to get Paul's things, we naturally wanted to go hear them sing. And sing they did! We had church that night for sure. One other song on their CD was "I Will Be Praying For You" also touched my heart. I don't know just exactly what you're going through, but one of the kindest things you can say to anyone is "I'll be praying for you." Truly, in the words of the song in the Hymnal, I've got more to go to heaven for than I did yesterday. My request is that you keep us in your prayers over the next months, as we still are going to be facing the court proceedings. I know that Justice will prevail, because God will not let something like this happen to one of his children and it go unpunished. I also wish to thank the officers of the Jackson MS Police department Detective Allen White who was the head detective in this case, as well as all who have prayed for the Robinson Famil during our time of crisis.

God Bless

Stephen Robinson

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