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Thanks Sebastian

"Your training here has been but a step in your preparation, a time will come in your life when you will face a an opponent and to defeat him you must go beyond victory".

"Be prepared for the unexpected, concentrate mind and body as one....acheive tranquility thru movement, intregate spirit and flesh. Channel the powers, focus the mind, cleanse the soul, release that which is negative. Separate darkness and light, mind and body as one, give birth to yourself: oneness thru knowledge.....Define your exsistence: oneness thru emotions.......Create your divination: oneness with the heavens......From strength learn gentleness, thru gentleness strength will prevail.

Words Of Master Gouken

� �

"Now You See The Difference Between Us"

Ken Masters was an undisciplined wildchild in his early teens, so his parents sent him to the one person they knew who could teach it to friend Master Gouken in the mountains of Japan....Ken met Ryu who was already there at the dojo and they became the best of friends and sparring buddies, a bond they would share for eternity. Gouken taught Ryu & Ken survival in the harshest conditions enduring with only the bare essentials, the dojo was secluded so students wouldn't be distracted from anything. When Gouken trained Ryu & Ken for 10 years, he didn't agree with the Killing traits of Ansatsuken thinking they were distasteful & dishonorable, so he removed them from the teachings. He trained his prized pupils Ryu & Ken in a brand new style aimed at battle not death along with a different form of Ki channeling, because he believed malicious intent was never the true way of the warrior. Under Gouken's battle style training, Ken developed more of a wild fighting style equal to his personality with an even much wilder fighting spirit very few opponents can endure. Also to define his personality further, he decided to wear a red karate gi instead of the traditional white and he dyed his black hair to blonde. Ken perfected the dragon punch, his chi was so focused it made his fist & any unlucky opponent burst into flames. Ken believed he was the best fighter alive showing off when he fought his fights, he was brash, arrogant, fierce, and undefeated (except against ryu, there even). After Master Gouken's death Ken wanted to rush out immediately and tear Akuma a new arse, but he knew his skills weren't quite up to par and decided to hone his fighting skills to prepare for the match with his Sensai's killer.

So Ken participated in the 2nd "King Of Fighters" tournament, he beat his first few opponents without breaking a sweat. Ken said to himself "That was a waste of time"....the crowd was cheering Ken as he walked out the ring. Another fighter approached Ken, "Are you Ken Masters" ?....Ken said "Yes, who are you"?....The man said, "You seem like a worthy challenger and would like to challenge you & tarnish your undefeated record. Ken laughed and taunted him first ....but thought about it for a minute and said, "Ok, lets go" ......The cheers in the crowd became a deafening roar......Both fighters get into the ring, Ken gives his 2-finger victory sign to the crowd as always ..... Ken said, "You never gave me your name"....My name is Sagat , former Muay Thai Champion. Sagat jumped forward with amazing speed snapping a kick to Ken's chest, Ken never seen someone that big move that fast.. Ken blocked it and before he could counter, Sagat rattled three jab punches to Ken's stomach and a devestating punch to Ken's head. Ken delivered a vicious front kick to Sagat's head and midsection, taunted him then went into a dragon punch . The attack didn't even seem to faze Sagat because he moved in so fast it was blur, Ken couldn't counter all the attacks and he felt every blow by blow and was forced on the ropes. Sagat rushed in again, but Ken went into a hurricane kick hitting Sagat 4 times knocking him back to the middle of the ring. Ken moved forward, Sagat launched a raging series of punches and went into his Tiger Raid supermove and Ken was pounded backwards then Sagat threw a low and high tiger shots. The high tiger shot missed but the low tiger connected, Sagat immediately jumped at Ken real low and went into his Tiger Genocide supermove . Ken was knocked down with a crashing thud on his back and his body was stinging very badly, he got on his knees from the attack and holding his side in exhausting pain. Sagat jumped in the air towards Ken coming down with a stomp to finish him off. Ken looked up and shouted at Sagat, "here's another reminder of what caused your defeat with Ryu, but this time feel some heat with it". Gritting his teeth, Ken started drawing chi energy into his fist until it was glowing and on fire...he unleashed it in an unbridled storm of fury..."SHORYUKEN" !! The dragon punch in chi flames, burned upward striking Sagat in mid air slicing a scorching line across his chest. After Ken landed back in the ring, Sagat's chest burst into a line of flames, he was cut cleanly open and then his body slammed back down into the ring unconscious.

The crowd was cheering Ken once again as he emerged victorious in crushing fashion, Ken fought many more fights gaining more experience, strength & power. Ken mastered his Ansatsuken techniques, developing a new super combo called the "SHIPPUU-JINRAIKYAKU" . Ken went back to the dojo and Ryu arrived later that day, they both tell of their new super moves. They spare & train against each other, perfecting their chi channelling & gathering just like Gouken showed them. After 2 months of training, they were going back into the dojo for the day. Ryu had this look on his face & then looked at Ken.....Ken said "I Know, We're Ready & Its Time To Revenge Our Master's Death"!!......They went to sleep in Gouken's dojo to get their rest for their journey ahead......





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