The "Kanji" symbol means "Beyond The Limits" or "Beyond Human Power"
(exceeding the physical and spiritual limitations of the body by training, meditation, concentration and focus)

Ryu & Ken headed for Gokuentou Island prepared and ready for the task at hand, on the island the wind blows gustily as the ocean waves crashed the sandy surf. Finding the cave entrance covered with vines they followed the torch lit walls until they reached the main chamber with the wide open space in the wall, Akuma was sitting down deep in meditation but he felt their presence when they arrived on the island. Akuma said "What Is Your Objective Here"?? They replied "We Came To Avenge Master Gouken & Goutetsu Deaths!!". Akuma replied "Prepare To Join Them". Ryu and Ken turned toward each other and batted thier fist together like always before a fight and said "Let's Do This"!!. Ryu walked toward Akuma and they stared at each other eye to eye ...........Akuma said "You'll Feel My Wrath"!! going into his "MESSATSU SUPER FIREBALL", Ryu rolls right into his "SHINKUU SUPER HURRICANE KICK" catching Akuma completely off guard for 13 hits. Ryu gives elbow & jab attacks to Akuma's chest as he gets up and sweeps him with a roundhouse knocking him back down again. As Akuma got up, Ryu jumped in with a hurricane kick. Akuma felt the roundhouse hit his skull 3 times knocking him backwards to his knees. Akuma jumped in the air going into the "TE MA GOU ZANKU AIR FIREBALL" , Ryu only blocked the high fireballs the low fireballs connected & pounded Ryu's body. Akuma rushed the kneeled Ryu, but Ryu delivered hits to Akuma's chest & face going into his hurricane kick for 8 hits. After Akuma landed back on the ground, Ryu went straight into his "SHINKUU SUPER FIREBALL" . Akuma was knocked off his feet and bounced twice on the ground, when he got back up he told Ryu "Now It Ends"!!....Akuma did a short teleport behind Ryu and came out of it right into the "SHUN GOKU SATSU" ...after a second, Ryu's limp body falls to the ground.

Ken throws a fireball during Akuma's victory speech, "You Can't Do That"!! . Akuma says "But I Already Have, How Dare You Interrupt Me". Ken flys in with a hurricane kick , Akuma sidesteps the attack. Akuma kicks Ken in the chest crashing him to the floor, Ken retaliates with 3 hits to Akuma's stomach going into his "SHO RYU REPPA SUPER DRAGON PUNCH" for 10 hits. Akuma got up grabbing Ken throwing him, he landed with a crushing thud. Akuma rushed in again delivering 5 hit dragon punch to Ken's chest, Ken got agitated sweeping Akuma off his feet dropping both knees in his chest. Ken attacks again but his arm is caught, Akuma delivers uppercuts to Ken's chest, elbow srikes to his back, kicks to the gut with Akuma finishing it off going into his MESSATSU SUPER DRAGON PUNCH" . Ken gets pissed & goes crazy, he rushes Akuma blocking all his attacks throwing him against the wall. Ken throw face combos, multiple chest attacks, rising knees to the gut. Akuma's upper body was turning black & blue, Ken delivered a punch to the jaw & ribs comboing into his "SHINRYUKEN SUPER DRAGON PUNCH" . He delivered 18 hits and Akuma slammed forcefully back down on the cave floor, Ken was huffing & puffing from exhaustion. Akuma got up off the ground and extends his right arm in the air, he gatheres power in his hand and hits the cave floor and unleashes his "RAGING STORM" attack , the powerful wave spikes caught Ken offguard and lifted him in the air burning him. After ken landed back on the ground Akuma grabbed him and said, "Now You Shall Share Ryu's Fate". "SHUN GOKU....

Then it happened, the "Satsu No Hadou" power surfaced in Ryu's body....Evil Ryu said "NO"!!, Akuma dropped Ken & turned around. It was Ryu but his skin tone was much darker, the brusies & scars were completely healed and all the blood was gone but his eyes were glowing bright RED . He pointed at Akuma, "For Taking Gouken & Goutetsu Lives, You Shall Pay Dearly With Your Own"!! Akuma said "We Shall See Won't We", he then rushed in with a punch to the face, Evil Ryu went straight into his "SATSUI NO HADO SUPER HURRICANE KICK" catching Akuma wide open dealing 12 hits. Akuma got up, Evil Ryu rushed in with kicks & punches going into his SATSUI NO HADO SUPER FIREBALL". Akuma avoided the attack and went into "MESSATSU SUPER DRAGON PUNCH" , Evil Ryu avoided the attack. Akuma jumped in with a "TENMA KUUJIN KYAKU" (dive kick) but Evil Ryu "Alpha Countered" the attack knocking him off his feet and went straight into a hurricane kick . Keeping the charge going, Evil Ryu rushed in again delivering more attacks to the chest & face, he went into his "SATSUI NO HADO SUPER DRAGON PUNCH" which striked Akuma for 9 hits. Akuma got up off the ground mad, he said "Let's Stop Playing Games Evil Ryu". Akuma said, "Do You Know What Lies Ahead"??. Evil Ryu said, "Words Has No Meaning To Us"!!. Akuma and Evil Ryu both begin to gather thier chi energy...they both knew what was about to happen.

Ken looks on seeing nothing but white light, the explosive force shook the cave knocking him down. After a second it was over and Evil Ryu & Akuma were both unconscious on the ground, Evil Ryu wakes first to see his Master's brother at his feet not moving and he knew he had defeated him. All of sudden Ryu didn't feel the "Satsu No Hadou" within him anymore and his skin tone was back to normal, Ken was happy to see Ryu normal again. Ken said "Now We Can Leave This Place", Akuma woke & wondered "How Is This Possible"??..."How Can It Be"??..."I Can't Be Defeated"!!...I'm All Powerful, No One's Stronger Than Akuma"!!...."How Could Anyone Withstand The Raging Demon Besides Me"??..."I Represent The Killing Intent Of Ansatsuken"!!....Ryu gathers chi energy focusing on Akuma...Ken does the same. When their hands & bodies were glowing they yelled "HADOKEN" , their fireballs raced like bullets striking with accurate deadly precision, Akuma disappeared.

After avenging Gouken & Goutetsu's deaths , Ken went back to the states competing in martial arts tournaments and from his martial arts fame he made many action movies becoming very wealthy & well known star, he married his long time girlfriend Eliza and they had a son named Mel. Ken hopes Mel will follow his footsteps in Ansatsuken someday so he can train him, Ken started training his on own pupil named Sean , he had him to fight against Ryu to see how far he's progressed in his skills. Ryu put Sean down without even breaking a sweat, Sean promised Ken he would keep practicing and training to get better. Ryu continued on his path of the true world warrior, traveling the world fighting worthy opponenets for the challenge & thrill of the fight, his record is of course still undefeated.




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