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Hey , I Am Trunks and Thank you for comin to the page...hope you like it ! I go on IRC and my nick is either ChibiTrunks, or Cloud-Strife-FF7 on server dalnet and the channels i go on are these right here #DBZRpg #Hellbringer #Anime #Dragonball_Z and #Anime_Supreme ...... well cya ... RENZOKO ENERGY DAN!!! HAHA EAT KI BLASTS !!!! hehe jokin

Trunks List of links to many sites (will have more later)

Mr Hats SouthPark Page: Has manySouthPark Sounds and pics and games and all the stuff you need of SouthPark
Animanga: A Great Anime and Manga Site
FinalFantasy7!!!!!!: one of my fave games .....Final Fantasy 7!!!!
#Anime_Supreme Homepage: A Page for my Fave channel on mIRC
Anime site: another good Anime Site

Kewl GIF eh ..and u have come here times and come back soon!