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The People Page

Not quite finished yet, but I have a lot of pictures..... here goes....

me A picture of me, Suzy Creamcheese, alias David Kernohan.

frin and one of Catherine (taken from an unusual angle)

joe Here's Tweeki, alias Joe Slade playing in his hot new band "Fire Escape"

Rachel and Rachel Calton, her of kitchen fame.

KatieKatie Dudley, also known as TT.

Pete Pete Bleakley, sometime Quantum, demostrating his scarf.

Jan Jan, my housemate.

janeJane Curtis, the anglican chaplain of DMU.

The WiseKamsin the wise, housematess of Rachel Calton.

NOSE!! Selena, the cathsoc organist and possesor of a wonderfully cute nose.

vaults The vaults, a nice pub on Wellington Street.

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