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Welcome to the Butler University Swimming Home Page

Hello and welcome. This site is the comprehensive Butler University Swimming site. You will find links to recent years of Butler Swimming, starting in the 1998-1999 school year. Butler University is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. There are about 3800 undergraduate students at the university, and there is a wide range of undergraduate degrees available. Butler has a renowned Pharmacy program, and the Jordan College of Fine Arts is also very well known. For more information concerning Butler University, visit the link to the university below.
This site is maintained by Dave Scarborough, Butler University class of 2000. If you would like to contact the coach of Butler Swimming, Scott Cummins, you can use the information at the bottom of the page. Feel free to sign the guestbook on the 1998-1999 page and let us know if you are interested. So feel free to find out about Butler, and have a good time.

Links to Butler Swimming Seasons

1998-1999 Season

1999-2000 Season

Links to other sites

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Sycamore Swimming (where Dave graduated from)

more to come