Art is Lovely.

I have always loved art. I admire those who excel in it. I, however, lack the creativity necessary to create it. I do love it though. Abstract art, like these pictures you will see, is my favorite. NONE of this art is my own creations! I grabbed a lot of the thumbnail pictures from a website, World Prints. I took this pictures because I thought they were beautiful. I hope you agree!

Salvador Dali is da MAN! Here are some of my favorite paintings by the artist, borrowed from All Posters.

I have also started a small collection of celestial pictures. I know that suns and moons are a bit cliche, but I just can't help loving them. The truly are inspiring. Then again, I'm just a space queen. :)

That's all I got! Let me know if you liked the pictures! Also, if you find any good ones, feel free to send me the links to them!