It all started when James Mathus decided to start a swing band. His other band was breaking up, so he figured it was time to prepare to move on. He mentioned this to his friend Katharine Whalen, and they founded the Squirrel Nut Zippers. Now, where did they get that crazy name? It sounds like a bunch of random words! But actually they got it from a candy bar company in Cambrige, Massachusetts. "(They're) long-lasting, more enjoyment for your money..." says a band member. "Melts in your mouth!" adds Katharine, "they're kinda like us." The band has been around since 1993. The first thing they ever recorded was their single "Roasted Right" which came out their first year together. A couple years later, "The Inevitable" was released and it was their first real album. "Hot" came out the year later. This album includes the song on the video played on MTV that brought major attention to the band: "Hell". "Hot" is an enhanced CD, which means it was also a CD-ROM including fun things like pictures, interviews, lyrics and introductions to songs. Following "Hot" came "Sold Out" in 1997 which is a half length album, with (I think) 3 hidden songs. Then on August 4, 1998 came "Perennial Favorites". This album is also an enhanced CD, and the packaging is also really cool! Then, the same year the band made a Christmas Album (which I thought was completely random, but cool). "Christmas Caravan" features 8 original songs, like "Indian Giver" and "A Johnny Ace Christmas", and two classics.

Check out their detailed discography!

Now, who all is in the band? Well, let's see, there's Jimbo (James, Jim) Mathus, Katharine Whalen, Chris Phillips, Je Widenhouse, Stu Cole, Tim Smith, David Wright, and Reese Gray. Andrew Bird is an additional musician on most albums and is also very talented!

"Hot" was recorded in New Orleans. Here's what one of the band members said about that experience. "Hot was really a duet between the Squirrel Nut Zippers and New Orleans," he said referring to how soulful and inspiring the city is. I agree whole-heartedly.

Well, that's about it. Hope you found this informing!!



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