Some of these lyrics are purely text, and some of them have guitar chords on them. So if you see something like this [am], IGNORE IT if you don't play guitar! Also, if you really want to sing along, take note that these lyrics don't match up exactly with the songs on the CD. The band improvises, like most bands do, just so they can be unpredictable I guess. I don't know. Just have fun!!!

~Hell, "Hot"

[Dm]In the afterlife You could be headed for the [A]serious strife Now you make the scene all day < Chorus But tomorrow there'll be [Dm]Hell to pay

Intro Dm A

Chorus x 2

People listen attentively I mean about future calamity[A] I used to think the idea was obsolete Until I heard the old man stamping his [Dm]feet



This is a [Dm]place where eternally Fire is applied to the body[A] Teeth are extruded and bones are ground Then baked into cakes which are passed around[Dm]



[Dm]Beauty, talent, fame, money, refinement Top skill and [A]brain But all the things you try to hide Will be revealed on the [Dm]other side.



[Dm]Now the D and the A and the M and the N and the A and the T and the [A]I-O-N X2 Lose your face, lose your name Then get fitted for a [Dm]suit of flame

~Got My Own Thing Now, "Hot"

When I was a lad, I was a little bit shy, Something came along and caught my eye, When I head the jazz band strike up, I swear, I had my mind made up. Now I'm getting older, Everything's in full swing. Now I'm getting bolder. Man, I've got to do that thing.

I used to walk along with the rest, Now I've got something all my own. Now you've got a little something new. Broke away somehow. That's why I'm swinging it, I've got my own thing now!

Children put away your toys, All your little children's games. Let the jazz band make some noise, Step up ladies and watch out boys. "Mirror on the wall, who's the hot band in the hall?" Let everybody sing! Get on out there and do your thing.

~Plenty More, "The Inevitable"

They may walk hand in hand Like lovers through the market square Selecting leather goods Pretending that they just don't care They say all the boys are monsters, All the girls are whores.... So when you lose the one you love There's always plenty more!

They may be in a club All dressed up waiting to meet you Or in some lonely street, Disparing over what to do All the girls are monsters All the boys are whores So when you lose the one you love There's always plenty more!

So when you lose the one you love There's always plenty more! (repeat) (repeat) (repeat)

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2. Bad Businessman

3. Blue Angel

4. Club Limbo

5. Danny Diamond

6. The Ghost of Stephen Foster

7. Good Enough for Granddad

8. Got My Own Thing Now

9. Hell

10. Lover's Lane

11. Low Down Man

12. Meant To Be

13. Memphis Exorcism

14. Pallin' with Al

15. Put a Lid on It

16. The Suits Are Picking Up the Bill

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