As you know, my name is Casey. I'm 18 years old, and am now a freshman in college.

I have a white maltese (dog) named Domini.

I'm the oldest child. My sister Courtney is a sophomore in high school. My brother Drew is in the seventh grade.

The best trip I've ever taken with my family would have to be when we went to New York over New Years.

My favorite city is New Orleans, and my favorite music is jazz. I play the saxophone, piano, and a little guitar (anyone want to give me lessons?)

I love to sing!

My favorite school subject is English. I love to write.

I like meeting new people.

I love to laugh.

My favorite food is SUSHI!!!

My favorite movies are Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, The House of Yes, City of Angels, and of course Star Wars!

I love art and music.

My favorite band is the Squirrel Nut Zippers. I also like the Dave Matthews Band, Jump Little Children, Sarah McLachlan, Chris Cornell, and Bob Marley.

Guilty pleasures: BSB and N'SYNC, and annoying my brother!!

When I'm not hanging out with my friends, I'm playing the piano, playing the guitar, or I'm on the internet

My favorite artist is Van Gogh; favorite painting--Starry Night.

My favorite poet is Robert Frost.

Any more usless information you'd like to know about me? Go to my page of useless facts about me (i.e. one of those e-mail survey things). Or you can always E-mail me @ !

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Maybe I should start a frequently asked questions section...

Question: What is "Swingin_Cici"? Answer: Well...Swingin Cici is something I came up for when I first began at Tripod which seems forever ago. It was a member name for my SNZ page, but since I already had the account, I decided to make a personal page here too. Furthermore, Cici is an awesome name. I first related it to my name when I saw Scream 2. Remember Sarah Michelle Gellar's character's name was Cici used as short for Casey. Very acceptable.

I hope I sufficiently answered that question. Hopefully, I didn't leave you with any questions on anything else. But please, by all means, send your comments to me at

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