Personal Pages

Josh Crews: very entertaining!
Joni Lakin: very strange, and the page is crazy too!
Mr. John Pennisi:
Asim Ali: Asim's Webworld
Mr. Max Jones' Forum: Got something to say? Post it here!
Ms. Jen Dickey: Homepage

My Favorite Links

Curious George Postcards: show someone you truly love them like a monkey.
Moviething Posters: mail a friend a postcard from a favorite movie.
Lee County Inbreeders: find out what's happening with local bands.
The Bliss Witch Project: another funny Blair Witch parody. From Josh Crews'page.
Newgrounds: sick and twisted, and a lot of fun!
Pokémon: because who doesn't like them?
Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids: remember them, girls?
Someone's Page: good list of links!
Lip Balm Anonymous: the first step is admitting you have a problem. you'll never be bored as long as this site's around!
The Tiger: new rock in Auburn
Chris Cornell: because he's wonderful!
David Rogers: poetry
Breathless: another's personal page
The Riddler: fun online games
Candystand: more online games
Allie's Homepage: cool personal page.
Jeopary Online: play America's Favorite Game Show at home!
Poetry in Motion: a poem of mine scrambled into a java-magnetic poem.
ASDF: randomness
Five: some guy's online portfolio
The Ate My Balls Webring: view the index of hundreds of sites about testicular consumption!
Hack Hotmail: sounds interesting. Never tried it though...
Net Radio: shop for CHEAP CD's!!
Napster: build your MP3 collection!
The Spark: check on Spark Notes! Very useful!

Well, I guess this will be all of the links for now. If you can think of any great links that I left off or if you want to be included on my "Friends" list, please e-mail me @ . Thanks!

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