This is My Room!

This page contains pictures of my room. Why, you ask? Well, I work very hard on my room. I'm always looking for different things to decorate my room with. It's part self-expression and part fun. I took these pictures with my digital camera, so I'm not sure how clear they're all going to be. I'm still experimenting! Well, I hope you enjoy this page. And please, shut the door on your way out.

From Top Left to Bottom Right...

The first picture is of my favorite wall. It is a mixture of pictures cut out from National Geographic, things I've drawn/painted, and random things such as the most magical wand ever (thanks Russ!) and a crayon: purple mountain's majesty!

The second picture is not as aesthetically pleasing. It is just a picture of my closet door. It has some of my favorite comics. They are the ones I can most relate with.

The next picture of my curios cabinet. It has some dried flowers and a few of my Dreamsicles. Below is the top of my desk, covered by candles.

On the next row, the first picture is of my beanie babies and some other stuffed animals. These are on my bookshelf headboard.

The last picture is of the things around my window. Notice Starry Night?

You're leaving? Don't forget to shut the door please. And send the next customer in, will ya?