Pokémon are everywhere! They're on TV! They're on t-shirts, backpacks, and the lips of children! What is it all about anyway?

Since I am blessed with a brother of eleven years, I feel it is my duty to inform all of you "Non-Pokémasters" of what all of the hub-bub is about.

BASICALLY, a young boy named Ash is under the instruction of Professor Oak. Ash is instructed to "Catch 'em All!" in order to win battles, most of which are caused by a conflict from Team Rocket. All of the TV episodes are about catching these creatures. Pretty pointless, huh? But remember our action cartoons? I know you remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles! But, in defense of my childhood craze, the TMNT episodes actually had a plot!

Okay, I'm getting off subject here. My basic point of ranting about Pokémon was to show that yes, the show is dumb. Yes, it's crazy that children are so into them. But, gosh darn it, that Pikachu is mighty cute!

Below are featured characters. Now don't you feel educated?

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