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Grim Fandango
The Number Nine:
Bringing you to the ninth underworld in four minutes instead of four years!

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 Manny Calavera



Eva works for Salvador Limones, and the LSA. She was the first agent to it. When Manny had his job, she felt sorry for him, but she had to keep her new job in the DOD to help the LSA.

Don Copal

Don Copal is or was Manny's boss. He always was yelling at Manny when we got to see him. However, he worked for Hector Lemans until Hector sprouted him for being incompetent.


Domino Hurley


Mercedes Colomar (Meche)


Salvador Limones




Hector Lemans


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El Marrow
Get the memo from your tube.  Pick up the cards on the table.  Take a card out of it.  Leave the room.  Use the card with Eva's hole punch.  Use the elevator going to the garage.  Go to the hut in the far corner.  Knock on the door.  Ask Glottis to be your driver.  Tell him that he's not to big, the cars are too small.  Then go back upstairs and into the lobby.  Go outside and down the alley.  Climb up the big rope of ties at the end.  Go into Copal's office and look at his computer.  Set it to "Ah cripes, Eva!  Just sign it yourself.  I'm busy!"  Then go and give the work order Glottis gave you to Eva.  Now to the Land of the Living.  The living look strange, eh? (You can scare them by pressing Enter while looking at them.)  Use your scythe on the little wriggling thing on the floor.  So now how are you going to get a premium sale?  Easy.  Go to the clown outside by the festival and ask for two dead worms.  Go back to the lobby and into the packing room.  Use one worm on the red tube and one on the blue tube.  Then shove them both down the tube in your office.  Then go back to the lobby and into the message tube room.  Use the dead bolt on the door and leave.  Then go back in and open the door.  Use your card in the red tube.  End the conversation with Meche, and leave your office.  After you're locked up, knock on the door.  Tell the face that you're not loyal to the DOD and that it runs a crooked game, and then that you're gonna blow the lid off the DOD.  Go up the elevator and get some Bread of the Dead at the festival and a balloon animal.  Then go back up the rope of cheap ties.  Then go into Domino's office, open his drawer, and pick up what's in it.  Punch his bag three times and pick up his mouthpiece.  Go outside and use the grappling hook/trophy on te loose end of the ties and then use the ties with the ladder.  Cimb up the ties and walk over to the pigeons.  Use the balloon animal in the dish and then the bread.  Pick up two eggs and bring them to Salvador.  Go in the garage of the DOD and into Glottis's hut.  Use the Fill-A-Dent with the mouthpiece and then then bite it.  Give the plaster to Salvador.

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The Petrified Forest

Walk off the sceen to find Glottis.  Talk to him.  Walk to the place where he threw is heart.  Pick up four bones.  Use one on the web and then use your scythe on it.  Go back to Glottis and use his heart with him.  Drive to the right of the screen.  Use the wheelbarrel and go over the pipes on the ground until all the pumps on one side of the tree pump, and then all the ones on the other side.  Pull the lever.  Once Glottis is on the tree, pull it again. Now, go back by the rocks, and go over them. Open the door, and go in. Walk off to the left, and go under the rock. The beaver will come. Use a bone with the river, whip out your fire extinguisher, and spray the beaver. Crush them one by one. Go back out to the center screen, and pick up the sign. Go to the place with all the confusing tunnels. Put your sign down in the middle of the screen. Pick it up, and go in the direction it points for a little while, then put it down again. Soon you will find a cave. Go in and grab the key. Use the key with the padlock on the gate in front of the dam, and you're off to Rubacava.


Get out of the car and go towards the stairway leading up. Walk into the mist. Velasco will get you out. Go into the laundromat, and talk to Selso. Ask him about his wife. He'll give you a picture. Give it to Velasco who is talking to Glottis. He'll give you the log, which you have to give to Selso. A year passes... Go downstairs in your cafe, and pick up that gold liquour from behind the bar counter. Go outside and over to where you saw Meche walk.

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Easter Eggs

When you are in the Calavera Cafe, if you go to the stairway and walk into it backwards, you will slide down.
When talking to Velasco by the Limbo or whatever, you see a face on the moon.
If you pull out your scythe in the room Meche's in on the Edge, and try to walk out the door, your scythe will go throught the wall.


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Calavera's Last Dance - A very good page

Glottis's Garage - This guy knows this game inside and out

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