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The FabuCity Tribune online

Edition 5, June 2001

Fabucity on Tour

In view of the promotional campaign of our city, a delegation of inhabitants is touring the country this year. The first location was Zwolle, the Netherlands, where our group met a lot of other people and gave much information about our city.

During their stay in Zwolle, the Fabucity group, stayed close to the railway, which caused Charlie Crow to start a demonstration against high-speed trains going through the lovely fields. Unfortunately for Charlie, his demonstration couldn't stop the trains.

Peter Horse was very excited about the promotional campaign: 'We got a lot of nice comments from many different people. Unfortunately there was not very much wind in Zwolle, so we couldn't show our mill working. Therefore, we bought a motor so that next time we can show the mill working, even if there isn't much wind. Many people told us they would to like to see the mill working.'

Willie Walrus increases flet

Because of the increased amount of work for Wille Walrus, he has bought a new steamboat. The ship is an almost exact copy of the old boat. Willie Walrus: 'We had to much work to do for one boat, so that's why we bought another. As we were very happy with the boat that we had, we decided to buy a similar type. That makes it also easier to work with as they should be handled the same.' During a official ceremony on last saturday, mayor Lion named the new boat 'WWalrus II'

Old Versions ONLINE

Old versions of the Fabucity Tribune will become online in the forthcoming months
Edition 4, Oktober 2000

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