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The Taylor Caldwell Appreciation Society

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Picture of Taylor Caldwell

Hello Taylor Caldwell fans!

Stop Press!

Come and visit our new Taylor Caldwell discussion forum in Deja News (see "Forum" button above) - discuss any topics you like, or just make new friends! The link takes you to the Browse view - to post a message, please follow the relevant links at the bottom of the Browse page. Please make some comment or even start a new discussion - if this forum isn't utilised, it will have to be closed down, so please support it - it would be a shame to pass up this chance.
If you don't like the discussion forum above, I have also set up a Taylor Caldwell Appreciation Society message board, which is similar to the forum, but is in a slightly more user-friendly format (use the link or click on the yellow button above). Try them both and see what you think - if you can let me know, I will cancel the least popular and we can continue with the one that everyone seems to like!

I started this site off by saying: "This site is the new launching pad of The Taylor Caldwell Appreciation Society. We're hoping that a home page will get people interested in the Society, and encourage lots of you to join and contribute information." Well, we've now come quite a long way - lots of people have looked at the site and have E-Mailed me and left guestbook messages, which is great - I'm really happy at all the interest out there!

But now - do we want a Society or don't we? Or do we just want a site? Please let me know what YOU think! (I am quite happy to run either.)

I've had a lot of mail concerning Taylor Caldwell's life and background - there's all sorts of assorted tales going around out there! All I have to go on is her autobiography "Growing Up Tough" - and that doesn't cover everything. So I'm thinking of including a page here about her life - would you like that? If so, please contribute - the more information I can gather, the more interesting we can make it. And if ANYONE knows of any members of Taylor Caldwell's family - then that would be absolutely great. (I wonder what they would think of this site!)

So if you've got any good ideas about any of the above - E-Mail me!

Lots of love to you all, and keep reading!


Updated 16 July 1998
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Taylor Caldwell wrote a story called "Encounter By Candlelight" - does anyone know anything about this? I can't find any information anywhere!

And here's another - has anyone got any information on a book called "The Child from the Sea" - I've seen this quoted on two book sites (one of which was Amazon) but I can't find anything out about this either. (As Elizabeth Goudge also wrote a book with this title, I thought at first it was a mistake!)

And we have a MYSTERY on our hands! We need your help to solve it - for details, visit the Mystery page or click the "Mystery" button above.

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Visit our Swaps & Wants page (or click the "Swaps" button above), where you can leave messages for other Taylor Caldwell fans, who are seeking or disposing of books.
Try this page for more help in locating secondhand books (or click the "Books" button above).

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Taylor Caldwell Appreciation Society

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