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* 9 USC - Arbitration (House gopher)
* 9 USC - Arbitration (Cornell Legal Information Institute)
* Administrative Dispute Resolution Act
* Administrative Dispute Resolution Act of 1996
* The Federal Arbitration Act
* Telephone Disclosure and Dispute Resolution Act
* Interparliamentary Union Acts
* Collective Bargaining Law and Arbitration Materials (Cornell Legal Information Institute)
* Uniform Arbitration Act (American Arbitration Association)
* General Arbitration Statutes in the United States by state (American Arbitration Association)

Regulations and Procedures

* BBB Dispute Resolution Services (Better Business Bureau)
* Code of Ethics for Commercial Abritrators (American Arbitration Association)
* Commercial ADR (American Arbitration Association)
* Commercial Arbitration Rules, July 1, 1996 (American Arbitration Association)
* Commercial Arbitration and Mediation Center for the Americas
* Commercial/Business Rules, Procedures, and Forms (American Arbitration Association)
* Commercial Mediation Rules, January 1, 1992 (American Arbitration Association)
* Construction Industry Mediation and Arbitration Rules, October 15, 1997 (American Arbitration Association)
* Ethics and Standards for Arbitrators and Mediators (American Arbitration Association)
* Environmental Dispute Avoidance and Resolution Guidelines, 1997 (American Arbitration Association)
* GSA Board of Contract Appeals example of a Memorandum of Understanding by which an agency may enter into an agreement with the GSBCA for the provision of alternative dispute resolution services (GSA)
* Insurance ADR (American Arbitration Association)
* International ADR (American Arbitration Association)
* Labor Arbitration Rules, January 1, 1996 (American Arbitration Association)
* Labor Dept. Alternate Dispute Resolution (U.S. Dept. of Labor)
* Labor Dept. Negotiated Rulemaking (U.S. Dept. of Labor)
* Labor & Employment ADR (American Arbitration Association)
* Mediation Agreement Form (Lex Mundi Colege of Mediators)
* Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators (American Arbitration Association)
* National Rules for the Resolution of Employment Disputes: Arbitration And Mediation Rules, June 1, 1997 (American Arbitration Association)
* Securities arbitration (SEC LAW)
* Wireless Industry Arbitration Rules, July 15, 1997 (American Arbitration Association)
* World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration Rules


* American Arbitration Association (AAA)
* ConflictNet
* Harvard Program on Negotiation
* Online Ombuds Office

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