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We have tried various airlines throughout our years of vacationing in Disney World and we always come back to Delta. Out of all the airlines, it seems to be the cleanest, runs closest to its traveling schedule, and their aircrafts appear to be better maintained than other airlines. This is merely our own personal opinion from our traveling experiences.

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My family and I have stayed at numerous locations, both on and off-site. Including both cost-conscious and the more expensive. But seeing that you are here to find out about budget and value savings sites, let me tell you about some of the reasonably priced locations we have had positive experiences at.
Off-site locations included: Holiday Inn Maingates and Best Westerns. Both hotel chains offered clean, relatively spacious size rooms with color t.v.s, equipped with cable, A.C., separate baths, swimming pools, and laundry facilities. The Holiday Inn also offers an on-site restaurant for buffet-style breakfasts and light meals. Children under 12 eat free when accompanied by an adult. They also offer "The Holiday Hound Activity Program" which is a supervised program for children for an additional small fee. It offered both my husband and I some free time to enjoy ourselves at the pool, etc. while my daughter enjoyed various kid-themed activities with other children. My daughter loved it!
Both the Holiday Inn and Best Western offered bus transportation to the major parks. On-site locations we have stayed at include: Disney's All-Star Music Resort and Caribbean Beach Resort. (My brother-in-law and some of our friends have stayed at the All-Star Sport Resort.) All-Star Music and All-Star Sport are part of Disney's value-priced hotels. The All-Star Music Resort is divided into 5 types of music related themed hotels including: Broadway, Country, Jazz, Rock, and Calypso. The All-Star Sport Resort is divided into 5 types of sports related themed hotels including: Baseball, Football, Tennis, Surfing, and Basketball.
Both the All-Star Music Resorts and the All-Star Sports Resorts are very brightly decorated and feature larger than life size decorations that compliment their appropriate themes. The smaller size rooms offered double occupancy with a vanity area, separate bathroom, closet area, small table and two chairs, and a small in-room safe. Color t.v. and A.C. are also included. Each individually themed hotel has 2 unique swimming pools and 1 kiddie pool. A playground and small shopping area are also located at both the Music and Sport site. Both the Music and Sport Resorts offer a Food Court, which offers a variety of foods such as pizza, hamburgers, chicken tenders, pasta, baked goods, etc.
For the money the All-Stars offered reasonably priced accommodations for the disney vacationer. The only 2 things we found at the All-Star, that we wished were different: Larger size rooms (compared with the other Disney Resorts we have stayed at),thou they were still acceptable size. The second thing we encountered is only one bus pick-up area at the Music and the Sport Resort. (Some of the other Disney Resorts offer additional bus pick-ups at each hotel site.)This caused longer lines and longer time waiting for the bus for your desired destination.
In our opinion, The Caribbean Beach Resort is our favorite site for your all-around dollar. It offers you the feel of the better quality hotels without being over-priced. The moderate price difference is worth staying at The Caribbean Beach Resort. The rooms are larger and the atmosphere is completely different. The Caribbean Beach offers 5 different villages that surround a large lake called Barefoot Bay. The Caribbean Island villages include: Barbados, Aruba, Trinidad, Jamaica, and Martinique. Each is uniquely decorated to give you the tropical feel of being in the islands. Each offers its own heated swimming pool and white sandy beaches to the lake (the beach area offers over-sized hammocks to relax and lounge in while forgetting all your worries.) In the center of the Caribbean Beach Resort is something called Old Port Royale. It offers a food court with various food choices, a moderate size disney merchandise store, boat and bike rentals, an arcade, and a grand-size pool which looks like something out of a pirate story. The pool offers water cannons, a waterfall, water slide and hot tub. There is also a kiddie pool near by.
You will also find a bike and jogging path that winds its way throughout the entire complex as well as something called Parrot Bay Island which is an island in the center of the lake connected to The Caribbean Beach Resort by a pathway. There you will find an unusual playground and it's own trailway with assorted birds and parrots.

In my opinion, at the end of the day, saving a couple of dollars isn't always worth staying off property, because by staying at one of the Disney Resorts, it allows you to jump on one of Disney's buses, it lets someone else do the driving, (because God knows how tired you are by now at the end of the day), and within minutes you are back in your hotel, enjoying a nice,long hot bath, while the rest of the tourists are fighting their way out of the parks and dealing with the traffic on the roads as they head back to their hotels!
By now you must be getting the idea we wouldn't stay off property if offered the choice...YOU ARE RIGHT! Having experienced it both ways, we wouldn't do it any other way!!!

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In my opinion, if you have never visited Walt Disney World before, I would suggest you set up your travel reservations through a reputable travel agent.
If you have visited Walt Disney World at least once or twice, I would not use a travel agent. Instead, I would make my own reservations.WHY?
Some travel agencies, give you more services (that you are paying for as part of your package)that you often will never use.
We ended up having vouchers that offered discounts to places we had no intention of ever visiting! Also, several times during our vacationing experiences, mistakes have been made by the travel agency regarding our reservations and we were majorly inconvenienced once we had landed in Florida, trying to correct the travel agency's mistake. Once,we almost didn't have a place to sleep for the night as a result of their mistake!
Planning your trip yourself is not as hard as you may think...HONEST!!!

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