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 This SHIT PUB is under construction. Please do come meet all the boozers.

This page is for The Smart Handsome Intelligent and Talented Guys of 95/96 batch of TKIET, Warnanagar, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India
You know what TKIET is ? ...'s
Thomas and Kelvin Institue of Error and Terror :) .... No actually it stands for .. Tatyasaheb Kore Institute of Engineering and Technology, founded by Shri. Tatyasaheb Kore and is considered to be the father for the college and other institutions falling under Warna Sahakari Sangh...thats Warna Cooperative Society !

The SHIT group was found under very funny situation. It was 13th Feb 1993, at S. V. Hostel room No. 9, the day b4 Valentines Day. Couple of guys who were to become the core and founding members of the SHIT group decided, they should give card and roses to their personally chosen valentine. Everyone got to choose a "valentine" from the limited number of girls we had in our college, TKIET. And all the cards were made eactly the same, and were signed off by "The SHIT Group". Those who had "guts" to pull off this event became the original member of The SHIT Group and later the rest joined the group by virtue of their friendship and love.

FLASH NEWS Padya, Sajit and Viren engaged and soon to get married
Mayank(7th Nov'2000), Suhas, Hemant, Surana got married and Rajiv became father.
Suhas, Hemant and Vikas Surana leaving the club of bachelors on 2nd, 11th and 14th of May'99 respectivley.
Also, the only married guy of the group, Rajiv, is expected to become father in August'99

Now THIS is gonna surprise you....Business World - 22 Feb/6 Apr, pg 72
Getting Wired, the Warana Way
In OUR Warananagar, an hours drive from Kolhapur in the heart of rural Maharashtra, the cooperative movement has given the area a thriving economy. Wih 10 servers, two V-SAT's (very small aperture terminals)and about 165 personal computers and an Internet Kiosk in every village (70 of 'em) Warana is the first rural networking project in India and it's 400,000 people maye be the best wired rural community in the world !!!!! Small wonder that Vinay Kore (remember him guys, that dadiyal), chairman of the Warana Group of cooperatives (WCG)..(from WSS, Warana sahakari Sangh).., is inundated by letters from Indian and foriegn publications , even from documentary film makers from Japan.
Now THAT should make you proud of WARANA....!!!

These Are The Proud Members of The SHIT Group.......

1) Mayank Raja email Homepage
2) Pragnesh Vaghela - taks(tom) email Homepage
3) Pradeep Murthy - pmp email
4) Alan Andrade - dhillya email
5) Srinivas Iyer - khopadi email
6) Hemant Porwal email
7) Rajeev Menon email
8) Parag Garud - lavdaemail
9) Sajit John - bable email
10) Vishal Gupta - lukhaemail
11) Manoj Kumar Keswani - kesu, pagal email
12) Vikas Surana
13) Vikas Patil - patil
14) Suhas Kolekar - kolya
15) Sanjay Dogra - doggyemail
16) Harshad Deshpande - harry the ferrari email
17) Sandesh Sounshumath
18) Ashish Khamkar - bapu
19) Manish Acharya - achchu email
20) Viren Gharat email
21) Shivam Sitaraman
22) Vijay Shindeshinde email
23) Shaibaz Mastan email
24) Nimish email
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Click on the pic to check out SHIT members in person

This pic has Vikas Patil, Hemant, Vishal, Ketan Pednekar, Srivatsa, Shivam,
Mohan Medhe, Suresh (Chowli),Mayank

Site for scripts of Indian Languages

As you can see the list isn't complete. Yaron, koi miss hua hai to batao !

All these guys were pukka bevadas....boozres and, what better place to enjoy drinking than Pub City.. Bangalore!

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