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Rest in Peace,
Mama Toto

Toto, precious friend,
esteemed mother,
always on our minds
and in our hearts.

      On the sixth of September, 1997, during the incessant television replays of the funeral of Princess Diana, Tripod's beloved mother, Toto, passed away.
      Toto will be loved and remembered always, not only by her adoring son Tripod, but by her faithful spouse, Ziggie, and by more than sixty living children which were born of that fruitful marriage.
      Among Toto's many children still living with the same family are Domino, Tripod's older sister; Nico, his older brother, Genesis, Nico's daughter and Toto's granddaughter. She also leaves behind a daughter-in-law, Gabrielle ("Gabby"), Nico's wife; and a son-in-law, Omar, the husband of Domino.
      Toto was a most special hamster. In her almost one-year-long marriage to Ziggie, never a squeak was heard from the cage. Toto was gentle, patient, and full of life. One could always find her shiny black eyes peeking through the cage, her little face lifted up in curiosity, almost as if she wanted to say she loved us all.
      Toto gave birth for the first time in March of 1997. All five babies survived. Nico and Domino are from her first litter. Since then, she regularly bore children, litters as large as fourteen. She remained ever bright and cheerful and energetic. Then tragedy struck. Late on the night of August 17, Toto lost a litter of tiny, premature babies. She managed to scare everyone, because the miscarriage was totally unexpected. But in a day, she was back to her old self again, grabbing the sides of her cage to get attention whenever someone entered the room.
      But her recovery was not for long. On September 6, at just about noon, Toto laid down to sleep for the last time. She had bled heavily, and gone -- we are sure -- to Hamster Heaven.
      Toto will always be missed. Life without her will never be the same.
      Rest in peace, our beloved Toto. The love we have had for you will be always yours.

Son of Toto