This week the LilsBoys were special guests at a top UK wrestling event - the FWA’s trick or treat show. After many false dawns the FWA look like they can be the promotion to take British wrestling to the next level. With WrestleXpress folding and the Wrestling Alliance stuck in the 1970’s, the FWA has managed to attract all the top British stars. Below is the LilsBoys exclusive review of the event and an interview with two of the top stars.

Match of the Night Jody Fleisch and Paul Travell took on the New Breed in a high flying tag team title match. This match had so many good spots that we could hardly catch our breath. Fleisch was especially impressive living up to his billing as the UK’s hottest wrestling prospect.

Surprise Match of the Night – Opening matches aren’t usually much kop and we were just returning from the bar to see a match which blew us away. The two youngsters James Tighe and Jack Xavier put so much effort into their match that we couldn’t help but be impressed. This was a very entertaining bout.

Most Disappointing Match – When we found out that former NWA and ECW champion Steve Corino would be wrestling in the main event it seemed like this would cap off a great show. Unfortunately Corino seemed to just be going through the motions and was shown up by his opponent Scott Parker. The match also had a lame disqualification ending which is always a disappointing way to end the evening.

Move of the Night – There were many great moves from the FWA’s young superstars, imagine Rob Van Dam doing all the moves that the WWF have banned him from performing. Jody Fleisch and Jonny Storm lived up to their impressive reputations; but the move of the night belongs to the New Breed for their top rope piledriver!

Wrestler of the Night – Alex Shane produced many fine moments as he shone as the star of the night. The Show Stealer showed off all the charisma he displays on the radio and some fine wrestling moves to boot.

The Storyline – The FWA are really building on their Old School vs. New School feud. The 19-year long veteran Drew McDonald is leading the old school of British wrestlers into battle against today’s young stars lead by Scott Parker and 21 year old Alex Shane. The only problem with this is that the young wrestlers outnumber their older counterparts by 20 to 3!

Overall Rating – It would be unfair to compare this show to a WWF event as these guys operate on about 1/100th of the budget. However compared to other British wrestling shows we have seen this deserves a very high rating. The LilsBoys award Trick or Treat 8.

Interviews with Scott Parker & Drew McDonald

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